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    Lottery Information

    Each season, you are able to enter the lottery for up to 2 game tickets to away games. Attending Trojan Fever events will give you the opportunity to earn more entries into the lottery. See lottery dates, ticket costs and rules below.

    Lottery Date Date Football Game(s) Cost
    September 18, 2013 9/28 Arizona State $60
      10/19 Notre Dame $95

    Earn 0-3 Points before September 18 and receive 1 entry.
    Earn 4-7 Points before September 18 and receive 2 entries.
    Earn 8-10 Points before September 18 and receive 3 entries.

    Lottery Date Date Football Game(s) Cost
    October 9, 2013 11/01 Oregon State $75
      11/09 Cal $35
      11/23 Colorado $70

    0-9 Points = 1 entry
    10-19 Points = 2 entries
    20-28 Points = 3 entries

    Lottery Rules:

    • You must be a current Football student season ticket holder.
    • Your guest must have a USC football student season ticket.
    • You must complete this form by September 12, 2013.
      ** Once you have submitted this form you will not have access to go back and make adjustments.
      ** An email confirmation will be sent once you have completed your lottery entries.
    • You must provide a MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit card.
      **If you are selected, the credit card provided will be automatically charged two days after lottery results are drawn.

    Lottery results and ticket distribution details for winners will be sent on the lottery dates previously listed.

    For questions, please email