George Tirebiter

    Besides horses, USC once even had a canine mascot.

    George Tirebiter I, a canine mutt once famous for chasing cars through the campus, first appeared at football games in 1940. Tirebiter I was adopted by students and became a campus hero.

    Mean and nasty, Tirebiter I reached true fame by attacking the Cal human mascot during a game in 1947. He posed with homecoming queens and once drew cheers when riding in the second car of a parade in the Coliseum.

    Although he survived having UCLA shaved on his hind quarters during a publicized dognapping by the Bruins in 1947, Tirebiter I finally succumbed under the tires of an automobile in 1950. A funeral was held.

    He was succeeded by George II for three years, and then George III for five years.