Silver Screen Trojans

    Among the USC footballers who gained fame on the silver screen are: John Wayne (he played tackle in 1925-26 under his real name, Marion Morrison), Ward Bond (a 1928-30 letterman best known for his role in "Wagon Train"), Mike Henry (a tackle from 1956-58 who played Tarzan), Tim Rossovich (a 1967 All-American defensive end who has been a supporting actor in various movies), O.J. Simpson (the 1968 Heisman Trophy winner starred in many TV and motion picture films), Anthony Davis (the 1974 All-American tailback was in various movies), Patrick Muldoon (a walk-on tight end in the mid-1980s who stars in soaps, including "Melrose Place," and films, including "Starship Trooper"), Brian Turk (a lineman in the late 1980s who has appeared in various TV sitcoms and commercials), Shane Foley (the quarterback who lettered in 1989-90 has been in various TV commericals) and Nick Pappas (the ex-USC player, assistant coach and assistant athletic director doubled for Pat OBrien as Knute Rockne in the football scenes of "Knute Rockne All-American").

    Also, Irvine "Cotton" Warburton (an All-American back in 1933) won an Oscar for film editing on "Mary Poppins," while Aaron Rosenberg (a 2-time All-American guard in 1932-33) was a well-known TV and movie producer, Jess Hibbs (a 2-time All-American tackle in 1927-28) was a prominent film and TV director and Ken Del Conte (a halfback in the early 1960s) is a producer. Allan Graf (an offensive guard in the early 1970s) is a stunt man and second unit director. Producers Hilton Green (a team manager) and Barney Rosenzweig (a Yell Leader) also were associated with the Trojan football program.