USC National Titles

    USC has long dominated the world of intercollegiate athletics. In fact, it could be argued that Troy was the "Collegiate Athletic Program of the 20th Century." USC men and women have combined for 122 national team titles.

    Trojan men's teams are tops in the nation in NCAA championships with 84 - more than any other university. Overall, USC's men have won 97 national championships.

    USC's women are also a force, with 25 national team titles, all since 1976.

    From 1959-60 to 1984-85, USC put together an amazing streak. In each of those 26 years, at least one Trojan team won a national championship (including five crowns in both 1962-63 and 1976-77).

    USC won the National Collegiate All-Sports Championship - an annual ranking by USA Today (previously The Knoxville Journal) of the country's top men's athletic programs from 1971 to 1994 - 6 times (1971-72-74-75-77-80).

    Here's a list with the coaches of the winning teams.

    *USC's 100th NCAA title

    USC Men's Team Titles (97)
    Football (11)
    1928Howard Jones
    1931Howard Jones
    1932Howard Jones
    1939Howard Jones
    1962John McKay
    1967John McKay
    1972John McKay
    1974John McKay
    1978John Robinson
    2003Pete Carroll
    2004Pete Carroll
    Baseball (12)
    1948Sam Barry
     Rod Dedeaux
    1958Rod Dedeaux
    1961Rod Dedeaux
    1963Rod Dedeaux
    1968Rod Dedeaux
    1970Rod Dedeaux
    1971Rod Dedeaux
    1972Rod Dedeaux
    1973Rod Dedeaux
    1974Rod Dedeaux
    1978Rod Dedeaux
    1998Mike Gillespie
    Gymnastics (1)
    1962Jack Beckner
    Indoor Track & Field (2)
    1967Vern Wolfe
    1972Vern Wolfe
    Swimming & Diving (9)
    1960Peter Daland
    1963Peter Daland
    1964Peter Daland
    1965Peter Daland
    1966Peter Daland
    1974Peter Daland
    1975Peter Daland
    1976Peter Daland
    1977Peter Daland
    Tennis (21)
    1946William Moyle
    1951Louis Wheeler
    1955George Toley
    1958George Toley
    1962George Toley
    1963George Toley
    1964George Toley
    1966George Toley
    1967George Toley
    1968George Toley
    1969George Toley
    1976George Toley (tie)
    1991Dick Leach
    1993Dick Leach
    1994Dick Leach
    2002Dick Leach
    2009Peter Smith
    2010Peter Smith
    2011Peter Smith
    2012Peter Smith
    2014*Peter Smith
    Track & Field (26)
    1926Dean Cromwell
    1930Dean Cromwell
    1931Dean Cromwell
    1935Dean Cromwell
    1936Dean Cromwell
    1937Dean Cromwell
    1938Dean Cromwell
    1939Dean Cromwell
    1940Dean Cromwell
    1941Dean Cromwell
    1942Dean Cromwell
    1943Dean Cromwell
    1949Jess Hill
    1950Jess Hill
    1951Jess Mortensen
    1952Jess Mortensen
    1953Jess Mortensen
    1954Jess Mortensen
    1955Jess Mortensen
    1958Jess Mortensen
    1961Jess Mortensen
    1963Vern Wolfe
    1965Vern Wolfe (tie)
    1967Vern Wolfe
    1968Vern Wolfe
    1976Vern Wolfe
    Volleyball (6)
    1949Hans Vogel (USVBA)
    1950Hans Vogel (USVBA)
    1977Ernie Hix
    1980Ernie Hix
    1988Bob Yoder
    1990Jim McLaughlin
    Water Polo (9)
    1998John Williams
    Jovan Vavic
    2003Jovan Vavic
    2005Jovan Vavic
    2008Jovan Vavic
    2009Jovan Vavic
    2010Jovan Vavic
    2011Jovan Vavic
    2012Jovan Vavic
    2013Jovan Vavic
    USC Women's Team Titles (25)
    Basketball (2)
    1983Linda Sharp
    1984Linda Sharp
    Golf (3)
    2003Andrea Gaston
    2008Andrea Gaston
    2013Andrea Gaston
    Swimming & Diving (1)
    1997Mark Schubert
    Tennis (7)
    1977Dave Borelli (AIAW)
    1977Dave Borelli (USTA)
    1978Dave Borelli (USTA)
    1979Dave Borelli (AIAW)
    1980Dave Borelli (AIAW)
    1983Dave Borelli
    1985Dave Borelli
    Soccer (1)
    2007Ali Khosroshahin
    Track & Field (1)
    2001Ron Allice
    Volleyball (6)
    1976Chuck Erbe (AIAW)
    1977Chuck Erbe (AIAW)
    1980Chuck Erbe (AIAW)
    1981Chuck Erbe
    2002Mick Haley
    2003Mick Haley
    Water Polo (4)
    1999Jovan Vavic (NCWWP)
    2004Jovan Vavic
    2010Jovan Vavic
    2013Jovan Vavic