Women's Water Polo
    USC NCAA Champions Return From White House Visit

    Sept. 14, 2010


    It was a whirlwind trip, but a unanimously appreciated experience for USC's three NCAA championship teams who were invited to attend a White House ceremony on Monday (Sept. 13) honoring the past year's national champions. Flight delays and time zone confusion were but an afterthought for the Trojans, who led the nation with three NCAA championship teams in 2009-10 and had the opportunity to hear a speech from and shake hands with President Barack Obama.

    USC's men's water polo, men's tennis and women's water polo players, coaches and staff all journeyed to Washington D.C. on Sunday night in preparation for the event. Monday morning offered the chance to tour the city via World War II duck boats to catch a glimpse of the historic monuments and government buildings in the district. Then it was back to the hotel for a wardrobe upgrade before loading back up on the bus.

    After a quick stop to visit the powerful Lincoln Memorial, the Trojans made it to Pennsylvania Avenue, cleared security at the White House, and joined their fellow champions from around the United States on the South Lawn.

    Team photos with the White House as a backdrop were the precursor to the main event, a speech from President Obama honoring the teams' accomplishments both on and off the playing field, with emphasis on student-athletes' abilities to make an impact in their communities as well as in athletics.

    Following the speech, attendees were able to shake hands with the President, wrapping up a beautiful afternoon and a memorable experience for the NCAA champions. CLICK HERE FOR THE PRESIDENT'S SPEECH