Women's Water Polo
    Blue Caves And Beyond...

    Hannah Green and the Women of Troy are exploring the seas of Montenegro.

    July 14, 2012

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    Good morning Trojan Family!

    Waking up to our second morning in Montenegro, excitement arises for our first adventure! We hopped on the catamaran to journey out into the deep blue sea! After a 30 minute boat ride of tanning, reading and just enjoying each other's company, we had finally arrived to our first stop of the day, the Blue Cave.

    With no hesitation, everyone jumped off the catamaran and headed straight for the cool and inviting water. Sticking together as a group, we swam into the cave. Looking around and hearing the echoing voices, we were all mesmerized by the uniqueness and beauty of the cave and the sunlight that seeped into the darkness.

    Shortly after, the team was climbing the rocky outside of the cave to reach the cliffs at the top! The view was spectacular; we could see the breathtaking skyline and scenery of the trees and the mountains that overlooked the water! Kaleigh Gilchrist & Colleen McCall, the two bravest, immediately jumped off the cliff into the water! Within seconds our team followed and started jumping off the more than 25-foot fall into the sea!

    After enjoying our time at the caves, we sailed to our second destination of the day - an isolated beach filled with welcoming locals and a fresh traditional seafood lunch waiting for us! Lunch finished and we embraced the bright sun and warm, clear water for the rest of the afternoon. As the day came to an end, we boarded the boat and headed back to shore. We needed to rest up for our scrimmage against the Russians the following day!

    Before the scrimmage our day consisted of playing by the local beach & resting. It finally came time to hop on the bus to head to our battlefield. We were scrimmaging in the hometown of one of our assistant coaches, Ivan Ivovic. To our surprise, the course was in the ocean surrounded by yachts, boats, and a giant cruise ship! What an experience!

    A large crowd formed as our game began. It's not very often that people see quality water polo played by women in this country! It was a very physical and fast-paced game. Our goalie, Flora Bolonyai, is currently in Hungary preparing for the Olympic Games so I had the honor of attempting to play her position. It was such a big role to fill! I am proud to say that we won the scrimmage.

    We play a boys club team from Hungary next and I personally am really enjoying seeing how water polo is played differently all over the world. As a team, we definitely are learning a lot in and out of the water on this amazing European adventure! I'm excited for the days to come!

    Ciao & fight on from Herceg Novi, Montenegro!



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    Euro Trip 2012 Photo Gallery