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    Border Crossing With Kaleigh

    Kaleigh Gilchrist gives us an update on the Trojans' next move into Montenegro.

    July 12, 2012

    Euro Trip 2012 Photo Gallery

    Hello Trojan Family!

    We woke up in the morning with a feeling of excitement in anticipation of reaching the final destination of our European adventure. As we hopped on the bus and drove towards Montenegro I looked out of the window to the gorgeous town of Split and knew USC water polo had made a mark on the beautiful beach town and had many great memories to bring along with us as we venture to the last stop of an amazing trip. However, we had one more adventure in the amazing country of Croatia - a day trip to Dubrovnik.

    The bus ride was long, however many of us couldn't sleep because we were too excited. Instead we had a bus ride full of stories and laughter. Even with the setback of bumper-to-bumper traffic, the five hour ride flew by and before we knew it we were in Dubrovnik staring up at an ancient castle with islands in the background. As we walked through the castle walls it felt as if we had time-traveled back to the 1400s due to the beautiful architecture.

    A boat awaited us to take us out to an amazing island. The 15 minute boat ride across the sea was full of American tourism at is finest. Our team was full of nonstop picture-taking of the beautiful scenery. The bay where we were dropped off was full of yachts and sailboats on top of crystal clear water. We walked to the other side of the island where cliffs and ocean awaited us. The rest of the day was filled with swimming, cliff jumping and exploring.

    One adventure consisted of Colleen McCall, Shelly Caron and our coach Ivan trying to catch up to the rest of the girls to go cave swimming, but the only way to reach them was to jump off a 30 foot cliff. With no hesitation, I was the first one to take the leap, quickly followed by the rest of the girls. The jump was well worth it because shortly after we found this awesome cave that we ventured into.

    As the day winded down we headed back to the mainland and finished our time in Dubrovnik with an amazing pizza dinner and hopped back on our bus to reach our final destination.

    We passed through the border of Croatia and Montenegro, got our passports stamped and finally reached Herceg Novi, our coach Jovan's hometown. With a nonstop day of travel we were all dead and went to sleep that night excited to be at our final destination and looking forward to many more memories to be created.

    The morning came quickly with a knock on the door waking us. Some of the girls were going out on the Hiller and Silvers families' catamaran to celebrate Olivia Cummins birthday. My roommates Maddy Rosenthal, Hannah Green and I took the offer even though we were exhausted from our travels. We soon realized we would not regret our decision. We cruised around the ocean swimming and frolicking in the sun having the time of our lives!

    We got back just in time to trek down to the pool for our scrimmage. This scrimmage was a little more special then the rest because we were at Jovan's old stomping ground - the pool he grew up playing in with his club. Overall the scrimmage was physical but competitive, and I think we did a good job keeping up with the boys. We ended the night with an amazing dinner looking forward to our day off and next adventure to the blue caves. Until next time, ciao from Montenegro!



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    Euro Trip 2012 Photo Gallery