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    Constance Hiler and the USC crew check in from Croatia...

    July 10, 2012

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    Alo fellow Trojans from your water polo girls in Europe!

    We are currently on the bus from Split to Dubrovnik (a 5 hour bus ride) to have, what I can only assume will be another amazing adventure! In short, the last few days have been nothing short of awesome... we started our journey out of Opatija very early in the morning and took a bus ride to the Plitvice National Park, which had the most beautiful waterfalls and lakes that it was almost cruel having 25 very well-adept swimmers walk around and only look at because there was no swimming allowed! I definitely heard some chit-chat more than once about friends asking their other friends to "accidentally" push them in while said friend coincidentally was taking a picture of them at that moment... holding their phones... their cameras... and focusing them both on the "fall." But still, everyone still managed to stay on the trails in the end.

    After we hiked for 3 hours around the National Park, we boarded the bus again for another 4-hour bus ride (that everyone slept through) into Split! What an incredible city by the sea! Our hotel was right on the water with a competition-sized pool just outside our rooms! We scrimmaged the local boys team, and learned a lot of new tricks of the trade from them... their coach was especially funny when he was telling us that in Europe it is O.K. for players to "duck under" to gain better position - the refs won't call anything so we have to, as he put it, "teach them a lesson that it isn't smart for them to put their faces so close to other people's knees." Needless to say, I think we all got a little bit tougher that game - and I would like to report that no one actually got hurt during the game, but having that little bit of knowledge kept the boys from ducking under again :)

    Later that day, we played around in the sea and jumped off some rocks - it was so hot that it would only take minutes of standing outside before you were ready to jump back in the sea to cool off again! Finally the temperature cooled down as the night came and we ventured into the city. Walking around there really made you feel like you lived during another moment in history with all of the stone pathways that are only wide enough for people to walk through! We visited some fine local establishments throughout the night as a team and had one jolly old time with one another exploring and learning about the city and many of the wonderful things it has to offer!

    I am sad to leave Split behind, but cannot wait for the next adventure lying ahead of us in Dubrovnik and Montenegro - we finally get to see where Jovan comes from, and I think we may even meet his parents (talk about exciting)!

    Ciao until we have more updates on our explorations!

    Nastiti Borba! (Fight On!)



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    Euro Trip 2012 Photo Gallery