Women's Water Polo
    Visiting Venice

    Dominique Sardo and the Women of Troy cruised Venice for a day.

    July 7, 2012

    Euro Trip 2012 Photo Gallery

    Greetings from Opatija, Croatia!

    On Tuesday, we took an early-morning 2-hour bus ride to a harbor and jumped on a boat to Venice. We arrived to the boat, got our passports stamped and claimed rows on rows of seats next to each other. I was thinking of taking a power nap on the boat ride over, but between the announcements in all different languages and the choppy waters, I quickly concluded that was out of the question. On top of it, me being so coordinated on land, I got rocked a little too hard by a wave and the strap of my dress snapped off. But it was okay because as soon as we got to Venice, I bought an Italian pin to hold my dress together. Talk about making a fashion statement!

    After 3 hours we had finally arrived to the port of Venice. We met up with our tour guide who walked us from the harbor to St. Mark's Square, the center of life in Venice. Our day was just beginning. We walked all through the streets of Venice then boarded a boat that took us on a water tour through the side canals and down the breathtaking Grand Canal.

    The endless amount of photos being taken on the tour as well as the workers and Italian men all looking and staring at our boatful of American girls as we cruised by made the experience very memorable.

    Once we arrived back to the dock we were on our own now for about 3 hours. Maddy, Colleen, Kaleigh, Hannah and I decided to treat ourselves to a traditional Italian meal on the Grand Canal. I mean, who goes to Venice and doesn't have some pasta and gelato? We sat down at this adorable restaurant surrounded by white flowers with a view of the water. The heat and all the walking around was killing us, I never knew sitting down could feel so good! We sat, talked, laughed, and ate a yummy Italian meal. After eating, we walked and shopped a little and saw some interesting people.

    Our day trip to Venice was short and sweet, and we headed back to Opatija late that night. Our hotel in Opatija is right on the water, so have been spending our days here swimming, eating, and playing on the floating adventure world in the sea. We have two scrimmages here against different local club teams, including one team whose pool is in the ocean! Here's to hoping no one gets eaten by a shark!



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    Euro Trip 2012 Photo Gallery