Women's Volleyball
    WVB Post-Match Quotes: NCAA Second Round (USC vs. North Carolina)

    Dec. 6, 2014

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    USC Head Coach Mick Haley
    Opening statement
    "We'd like to congratulate North Carolina on a really exciting win for them and advancing in the tournament. We were really fortunate to get a chance to play them because we're going to open the season with them next year. Now we're going to know what to expect. Hopefully we'll do a little better next time."

    On how the team played
    "I thought North Carolina played extremely well but I felt like we were playing with one arm tied behind our back. I thought our hitters were doing as well as they can do. I thought that North Carolina took advantage of that because we couldn't set very well at least in three rotations. We didn't have any offense so we're trying to win the match in three rotations, and white knuckle it through three other rotations. Obviously a good team will bear down on that and put a lot of pressure on you. I thought we did pretty well for what we're dealing with. But I did think from a crowd standpoint it had to be a really fun match to watch because it seemed like the crowd was flying off their feet on every hit and every dig. I just think North Carolina played really well."

    On having a tough season
    "We didn't really beat anybody good this year. We played a lot of teams. We had a high RPI. We beat Kentucky. We beat Arizona. We beat Colorado twice. We beat Utah once, but I don't know. We haven't gotten over the hump to show we can knuckle down in situations. We had a great opportunity to win set two, and a great opportunity to win set three and we didn't go after it. We played not to lose instead of to win. Like I said, in no way am I taking anything from North Carolina because I thought that they battled and battled and battled and deserved to win those sets, but we had an opportunities. We had set point in each of those, or close to set point in each of those and we just didn't finish. That's the way it's been all year. I can't tell you how man 20+ points we've had and not come out on top in 70 or 80 sets. We have to fix that in the off season."



    North Carolina Head Coach Joe Sagula
    Opening statement
    "First of all, I want to congratulate our North Carolina program as well as Southern California for a great match. What a great battle. Every set was so close. I'm so proud of how our team was able to pull out at the end in that fourth set. I thought Southern Cal did a really good job. They were a tough, physical team. We knew it was going to be a tough battle, and we made some really good opportunity points. They've had a great year. This is a big win; we have so much respect for that program because of their history and the tradition they have in volleyball. They have a Hall of Fame coach, a National Team coach, their All-American players, so this was significant. We have a lot of respect for what they've done and this type of quality of a program they have. For us, this is great. And what's really good about this, and this is why I have these four seniors with us here right now, is significant for this program and what these four represent to us and what they've done and see how they've seen this program grow. Tonight was a special night, I think for them and for this whole team. For us to get to this point--we've wanted to be relevant, and I think we've made a statement on how North Carolina can be a nationally competitive program. Wow, it was a tough match. Two-point sets, three sets with two point games, and in the fourth set, we just finally found our stride, and I'm so proud of how we were able to stay composed, especially after the second set. I couldn't be any prouder for everybody in this program, especially for these four seniors beside me."

    Lauren McAdoo, Sr.
    On moving on in the tournament
    "Honestly, it's one of the best feelings that--I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we've ever experienced at Carolina. Every year, it is disappointing to lose in the first or second round, and it has been a goal since we got her to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. It shows the heart and fight of this team, through all adversity and everything, we stuck with our goal and just fought through it together."

    Ece Taner, Sr.
    On the Sweet Sixteen goal
    "Going off of what Lauren said, I think, for all of us, leaving an impact on this program is a huge goal, and that's all we ever talk about. Like Lauren said, this is a really hardworking team, and we knew it was going to be a battle tonight, and we were ready to play hard and execute our game plan, and we're just really excited that we got the win."

    Chaniel Nelson, Sr.
    On USC's Samantha Bricio's fast serve
    "For her, I pulled back in servicing, which kind of helped out in spreading our servicing a little bit more. But for the most part, she was serving our outsides and trying to stay away from me and Ece in one. So, that kind of helped a lot. And Tyler [Adams], all throughout the week was serving really hard at us, so I think it really prepared us for any of the serves we were going to have this weekend."