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    NCAA Second Round: USC-Saint Mary's Post-Match Quotes

    Nov. 30, 2012

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    USC HEAD COACH Mick Haley

    Opening statement
    "I'm really excited to get this win against Saint Mary's. I think they're a really underrated team. Their coach and the style of play they run doesn't match up with the way we play. Their strengths match up with our weaknesses and I really thought they were going to give us a hard time, which they did. Anytime you give up 24 kills in a game, you expect to lose and we won that first game simply because we didn't make any errors. That was an amazing first game and I don't think Saint Mary's could have played much better. They were really on fire, especially in the middle, but I thought we didn't panic, and the second thing Saint Mary's did was they served rockets. I thought we did a marvelous job of handling that. I'm really happy with the win. I thought this was a hard test for us and I'm glad we accepted the challenge and I think we got better for it. We did something that we haven't been able to do much during the season. We won, 3-0, 3-0, and that means the coach has to buy ice cream."

    On making adjustments during the match
    "The big thing was to stop [Kristina] Graven. She's their big player and if we let her go off, then we would have really been in trouble. Stopping Graven in the first set was critical. Without Graven scoring, they had to rely on people that they don't normally rely on. We did a great job of putting enough pressure on her that she couldn't play the way she wanted to play. I thought that was critical in the match because she's the one that brings it every night for them."

    On dealing with academics as the team advances in the tournament
    "We are planned out as if we're going to win. You have to plan it out. The players want to win both--in the classroom and the national championship. We plan the whole postseason as if we're going to keep winning and if that doesn't happen, then it doesn't matter, we'll still be back here."

    On the second set and getting Fr. middle blocker Alicia Ogoms involved
    "We'd like to have her do that in the first game. And with that fly under the net, that kind of set the tone for the rest of the match. I think the sky is the limit for Alicia. She's just going to keep getting better. She's got miles of potential to go. We're really excited about her. And I am excited about getting Olgard going with her breakout blocking. We've been waiting for that, all year. She was injured, last year, and that kind of took her out of her technique, but she's finally getting that back."

    Alexis Olgard, Jr. MB 

    On the strength of the USC block
    "We just practiced on our side and kept the block going. It was difficult at first to read that two, but we finally got the hang of it for the second game, and we all just played well, together."

    On advancing in the NCAA tournament
    "We just need to take one game at a time. That's all we can do, right now. Obviously, we want to make it to the final four and that's a good goal to have as a team. I think our chemistry is really good, so I think we have a good chance." 

    Katie Fuller, Sr. OPP

    On USC's offense against Saint Mary's
    "I feel like our offense was great. It was more our defense figuring out their offense."

    On looking ahead to the regional championship
    "It's really important to also focus on our academics as we're all going into finals. So as Alexis and coach said, we're just going to take it one game at a time."

    Sara Shaw, Jr. OH

    On facing the Saint Mary's offense
    "They were running a 6-2, so the setter always stays in the back row. It's always a good option to hit at the setter because it messes up their offense and they end up setting a high ball to the pins. It's easier for our defense to respond to that, so I think it's a good idea to hit at their setters." 

    On advancing in the NCAA tournament
    "I think the seniors have done a really great job of leading us, so far. It's good that all of us can look up to them and hopefully they keep on leading for the next couple matches."


    Opening statement
    "I thought we played fairly well. USC figured some things out about us after the first set and took advantage of those things. They are a very good team, and playing very well. They are one of the handful of candidates to win the national championship. They have a very balanced offense, and I am very impressed by them. I thought we did a pretty good job. We have never played a perfect match, and we didn't tonight. We could have done some things better, but we did a lot of things really well. I am proud of our girls. I thought they represented very well, and I am proud of the way they played."

    On USC libero Natalie Hagglund whom he coached on the US Junior National Team
    "Natalie [Hagglund] is fabulous. She is a great player. Not only does she keep balls from hitting the floor, but she hits them to very precise spots. I wouldn't call it coaching her in Peru as much as watching her. There is not a lot I can teach her because she is a great player."

    On the future of the Saint Mary's program
    "Our prospects for next year are good. Last year, we didn't lose any seniors, but this year we are losing four fantastic seniors. You always wonder how you are going to go on without them. They are irreplaceable, but people step up and fill those voids and learn to be leaders."


    On being a senior in her last match
    "Being a senior, it was surreal to come here knowing it was my last season. The Galen Center is a great facility, and we were excited to play a team like the Trojans. They are a very good team. Things didn't go our way, but we competed hard. This season, we overcame a lot of adversity with the injuries we were dealing with."


    On the match
    "It is always tough to lose, but I am extremely proud of my teammates. It was a great experience to play in the Galen Center against USC. I don't have any regrets."