Women's Volleyball
    WVB Post-Match Quotes: USC vs. California

    Oct. 6, 2013

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    On going five sets with Cal
    "Well, we started planning in the middle of the fourth set for the possibility of a fifth set. You always have to be prepared. We checked all the numbers in our rotations to see if we could start in a better spot than we had been starting. As it turns out, Ebony [Nwanebu] was our leading kill-getter, and she starts in the left front so putting her in a spot where she could score right away for us was important. If the numbers had said differently, we might have rotated Bricio to the front row, but basically what we get when Ebony starts in the front row, we get Samantha [Bricio] serving and our leading kill-getter in the front row."

    On what was working for Cal in the sets that USC lost
    "I think Cal was really good. They slowed us down to a walk and we couldn't get any intensity off of them. The 6-2 can be very difficult to play because you lose some rhythm when you change setters, so the combination of Cal slowing us down and just using our block and being patient, and us not being to generate any energy kept Cal close. They didn't make any errors and we made more hitting errors than we've made in a long time. The other thing is that we had 14 serving errors so over the course of five sets, that almost three points we're giving away with serving errors. They did a wonderful job of serving. I thought they served really well. I thought Adrienne Gehan played very smart and got a lot of kills. Christina [Higgins] was one we were worried about and she got hot at the end. You have to give Cal credit. On the other side of this, Rich [Feller] and I have been doing this five-set thing for a long time. Somehow we always come out on top. I don't know what it is about Cal and USC, but we seem to play 2.5 hours every time we get together."


    On going five sets for the first time, this season
    "Five set matches are always really difficult because teams tend to lose their focus. I think we did a really good job and it was a good time to have one just to get the freshmen to realize just how long those games are. I think we played really well. We lose our focus a little bit, but we got it back, and I'm glad to have a win out of it."

    On the hitting and blocking
    "I think our hitters did a great job. Looking at these hitting percentage, Alexis [Olgard] hit .560, Ebony had a huge game with 21 kills (.459), Sam and Sara both did the same. We had really great production from five or six players on our team which is really hard to do. I think the block was really on point. They were funneling the ball to the defense and getting a lot of stuffs so I think they did a really good job." 


    On going five sets for the first time in her career
    "I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if I should be nervous or come out like 'let's go!' but Natalie [Hagglund] did a really good job of getting everyone pumped and ready to win. All the seniors did a great job of leading us."

    On carrying momentum from two wins this weekend onto the road
    "We got rid of our five-set match today. Now, we know to come out and keep our focus the whole time; don't let up on anything, and we'll never go through that again. We just have to go out and do our best."