Women's Volleyball
    WVB Post-Match Quotes: USC vs. Stanford

    Oct. 5, 2013

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    USC HEAD COACH Mick Haley

    On the play of his seniors (Natalie Hagglund, Alexis Olgard, and Sara Shaw)
    "I thought they were great! All of them were focused, and they never got too excited or down. They just stayed with it."

    On his team's comeback in the third set
    "Well, we got into a bad rotation that served us into a problem. We didn’t pass very well, and we probably could have changed the pattern but we didn’t. They got us in a difficult spot there for a little bit. We were having some trouble staying focused in the third set, but I think now that we are getting comfortable playing together, I really feel for the first time we started to get comfortable and trust each other. That is why we were able to come back."

    On key areas of improvement as the Trojans prepare for Cal on Sunday
    "For the match against Stanford, we had a good game plan. With Cal, we have not found that yet, so we have to play them straight up and not know exactly what is going to happen."

    Sara Shaw, Sr. OH

    On USC's 3-0 sweep of Stanford
    "Stanford Is a team that is always going to play its best. I think we are really excited to beat them 3-0, especially after being down in the third game."

    On the Trojans' comeback in the third set
    "I think we did a good job of staying patient, being relaxed, and not getting too over excited that we were down by a lot. I think we had good composure, stayed focused, and stayed in the game."



    On facing Stanford at home for the last time as a senior
    "As a senior, you want to win every match that you can because it is your last go-around, so It is super exciting that we beat Stanford, 3-0, and that we fought back the last game." 

    Ebony Nwanebu, Fr. OH

    On USC's 3-0 sweep of Stanford
    "I think we mentally prepared really well. Stanford is a good blocking team, so we had to focus, and do our best."

    On the Trojans' comback in the third set
    "Tim [Nollan] always tells us to stay calm. When we went through the run where Stanford kept serving as hard as they could at us, we all took a deep breath and calmed down."

    On facing Stanford for the first time as a freshman
    "As a freshman, I love playing with the seniors. You can tell they just want to beat every team and that just makes you want to beat every team. I am glad to have the seniors."