Women's Volleyball
    WVB Post-Match Quotes: USC vs. UCLA

    Sept. 25, 2013

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    On the team's performance against UCLA
    "I feel that we played great as a team. We were all confident in how we were playing. We prepared really well and came out with a quiet intensity that really helped. 

    On the USC run in the fourth set
    "I think we lost a little bit of focus in the third game, so in the fourth game, I think we all came together and focused because we knew we were going to win that game."

    On what the team can take away from winning the conference opener
    "I think we all came out focused and ready to go and I think that’s really important throughout the season because everyone is good in the Pac-12, and we have to come out ready to go or else we will be beat." 


    On the team's focus against the Bruins
    "We were really focused, this week and we kept our concentration throughout the game."

    MICK HALEY | USC Head Coach

    On his team's performance in the conference-opening win
    "We got better in a couple ways. We’re trying to be able to attack our opponents in the middle and that’s what they have been doing to us the past couple of years. We were able to give them some serious problems there, tonight.  Part of that had to do with our passing. We passed pretty well, tonight. They were serving us pretty tough but when they started serving short to try to mess with our rhythm, we were able to stick the ball quick and that’s when we beat that short serve. 

    On individual performances
    "I thought [Samantha] Bricio and [Sara] Shaw really didn’t work so much on scoring points but more on their passing and blocking game and they really exhausted themselves in those areas. We were able to get points out of our middles. [Emily] Young played a very smart game. This 6-2 setup is becoming more and more popular. Utah is playing a 6-2 and we have to see them on Sunday and they have five or more people scoring at least two kills per game. The Bruins are still developing. They still don’t have their starting setter. I was pretty pleased to have a freshman [Ebony Nwanebu] come out there and play like that. [Alice] Pizzasegola grew up a little tonight. She did a nice job directing the offense."



    On adjustments made after the third set
    "In the third set, I replaced Young with Ruddins because she has been playing really well in practice and I wanted her to get a couple of swings out there. Elise got some playing time but she had three hitting errors before she got out of the first rotation but she is a freshman and she has great potential and I am excited for her. We are going to need her down the line. Young was then able to sit out a set and still come out and be good in the fourth set and that’s really good."

    On what he believes his team can take from the victory
    "There are two things we want to take away from this. One is protecting the ball. We had too many unforced hitting errors in the third and fourth set. When we hit shots and we hit out of bounds, on the line, we can’t do that. We are going to work on that so we’ll take that away from the game and work on that. We will want to continue serving tough. I think that is the best we have served the Bruins, maybe since we’ve been here. We really caused them some serious trouble and normally we don’t serve them tough and I don’t know why that is. So that is what I want to improve on."