Women's Tennis
    ITA Regional Championships Start Today For USC Men & Women

    The ball drops on ITA Southwest Regional Championship action today!
    Oct. 15, 2015

    The USC men's and women's tennis teams will both dig into ITA Southwest Regional Championships this week, kicking off competition today in two different Southern California locations. The USC men are embedded in Malibu, beginning their individual action today (Oct. 15) at Pepperdine's Ralphs-Straus Tennis Center and the Crest Tennis Courts. The Women of Troy, meanwhile, have set up camp in San Diego for singles and doubles competition at Barnes Tennis Center.

    It's all hands on deck for the USC men in Malibu, with all 12 Trojans lined up for singles play and six doubles teams in the mix. Trojan veterans Nick Crystal and Max de Vroome have both earned seedings in the singles draw, with junior Crystal tabbed as the No. 2 seed, and senior de Vroome locked in as the No. 5 seed. Opening round matchups are listed below, with two rounds of singles and one round of doubles on tap for today (Oct. 15), with competition running through Monday (Oct. 19). Follow the men's tournament at http://www.pepperdinesports.com/sports/m-tennis/2015regional.html

    For the Women of Troy, eight singles players will also pair up for four doubles duos for the action in San Diego. Those pairings and draws for the Women of Troy are also listed below. The USC women have loaded up six players with seedings in the singles draw. Sophomores Madison Westby (No. 2 seed), Gabby Smith (No. 4) and Meredith Xepoleas (No. 5) lead the group, with junior Zoë Katz locked in at No. 8 followed by freshmen Rianna Valdes (No. 11) and Jessica Failla (No. 16). Two rounds of singles and one round of doubles are on today's (Oct. 15) agenda, with competition running through Monday (Oct. 19).


    First Round - Oct. 15
    Kristen Venter (USC) vs. Kinga Gartner (ARIZ)
    [5] #61 Meredith Xepoleas (USC) - bye
    [4] #59 Gabby Smith (USC) - bye
    [8] #114 Zoë Katz (USC) - bye
    [11] Rianna Valdes (USC) - bye
    [16] Jessica Failla (USC) - bye
    Alex Letzt (USC) vs. Kennedy Davis (SDSU) 
    [2] #36 Madison Westby (USC) - bye

    First Round - Oct. 15
    Smith/Venter (USC) - bye
    [3] Failla/Valdes (USC) - bye
    Letzt/Xepoleas (USC) vs. Crespo/Sheikhan (LMU)
    [2] #30 Katz/Westby (USC) - bye

    First Round - Oct. 15
    Kalman Boyd (USC) vs. Karl Enander (CP)
    Jack Jaede (USC) vs. Logan Hall (PEP) 
    Jake DeVine (USC) vs. Adrian Legarreta (GCU)
    Logan Smith (USC) - bye
    [5] #61 Max de Vroome (USC) - bye
    Tanner Smith (USC) vs. Joshua Ortlip (CP)
    Rob Bellamy (USC) vs. Jamie Thorp (LMU)
    Henry Ji (USC) vs. Tyler Pham (UCI)
    Thibault Forget (USC) vs. Riley Scott (UCSB)
    Connor Farren (USC) vs. Romain Kalaydijian (USD)
    [2] #42 Nick Crystal (USC) - bye

    First Round - Oct. 15
    Forget/T. Smith (USC) vs. Chan/Storch (UH)
    [3] de Vroome/Jaede (USC) - bye
    Ji/Laser (USC) vs. Kalaydijian/Page (USD)
    Farren/L. Smith (USC) vs. Chazeau/Cvitanovic (GCU)
    Bellamy/Boyd (USC) vs. Enander/Tan (CP)
    Crystal/DeVine (USC) - bye