Women's Tennis
    Pulido/Ramos Clinch Quarterfinal Spot

    Oct. 8, 2010


    PACIFIC PALISADES, CALIF. -- USC's doubles pair of Valeria Pulido and Alison Ramos have won their fourth straight match together to move into tomorrow's doubles quarterfinals at the ITA/Riviera All-American Championships in Pacific Palisades. The two Trojans moved into the main draw thanks to two wins in qualifying, and are now going up against the top seeds in the quarters tomorrow afternoon.

    Pulido/Ramos pinned up a dominating Round of 16 win today, taking out Arkansas pair Paulson/Tigu 8-1. That earns the Trojans the right to play top-seeded Andersson/Juricova of Cal in the quarterfinals. Full USC results are below. Also visit the ITA/Riviera All-American Championship web page for more results and information.

    ITA/Riviera All-American Championships (Pacific Palisades, Calif.)
    Third Round - Oct. 7
    [7] Danielle Lao (USC) def. Sandhya Nagaraj (NCSt) -- 6-4, 6-0
    Round of 32 - Oct. 7
    Reka Zilinska (Duke) def. Danielle Lao (USC) -- 6-3, 6-1
    Ella Nze (Duke) def. Alison Ramos (USC) -- 6-4, 6-4

    Round of 32 - Oct. 7
    Pulido/Ramos (USC) def. Clayton/Gorny (Duke) -- 8-4
    Round of 16 - Oct. 8
    Pulido/Ramos (USC) def. Paulson/Tigu (Arkansas) -- 8-1
    Quarterfinals - Oct. 9
    Pulido/Ramos (USC) vs. [1] Andersson/Juricova (Cal)