Beach Volleyball
    Burnham-Robinson Duo Wins Exhibition Tourney With USA Junior Beach Team

    Stevi Robinson

    April 27, 2013

    LOS ANGELES - The USC women's sand volleyball team's No. 1 pairs duo of Kirby Burnham-Stevi Robinson beat the USA Junior Beach National Team pair of Courtney Trevino-Geena Urango, 21-15, 22-24, 15-13, in the first place match of an exhibition tourney between the No. 4-ranked Women of Troy and the USA squad on Saturday (April 27) at USC's Merle Norman Stadium.

    The USA's Jane Chafeh-Heather Hughes won the third place match over USC's No. 2 team of Katie Fuller-Cinnamon Sary, 21-19, 21-17, while USC's No. 4 duo of Kati Duddridge-Brooke Fournier captured the fifth place match over USC's Eve Ettinger-Christine Irvin, 21-18, 24-26, 15-11.

    Burnham-Robinson, Chafeh-Hughes and Trevino-Urango each went 3-0 in pool play to advance to the final matches. Urango, who played on USC's indoor team from 2007 to 2010, was the first scholarship recipient of the Women of Troy's sand program in its 2012 debut season. She was part of USC's No. 1 pairs team that made it to the AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball Championship pairs quarterfinals.

    Fuller-Sary and Duddridge-Fournier went 2-1 to finish second in their pools and advance to the final matches, as did Ettinger while mixing teammates between Irvin and Bria Russ.

    USC's No. 5 pairs team of Sam Hirschmann-Natasa Siljkovic were 1-2 in pool play, as were USC's Sydney Seau-Alexa Stonish and the USA's Nicolette Martin-Kathryn Plummer.

    Finishing with 0-3 marks in pool play were the USA's Gigi Hernandez-Alex Murphy and Mary Hernandez-Ivey Schmitt, along with USC's Erin Kaupp while alternating teammates between Irvin and Sary.

    The matches served as a final tune-up for the Women of Troy (14-6) before they travel to the American Volleyball Coaches Association Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championship tournament in Gulf Shores, Ala., May 3 to 5.


    POOL U (Burnham-Robinson 3-0, Duddridge-Fournier 2-1, Martin-Plummer 1-2, G. Hernandez-Murphy 0-3)
    Kirby Burnham-Stevi Robinson (USC) def. Kati Duddridge-Brooke Fournier (USC) 21-11, 21-14
    Nicolette Martin-Kathryn Plummer (USA) def. Gigi Hernandez-Alex Murphy (USA) 21-14, 21-13
    Kirby Burnham-Stevi Robinson (USC) def. Gigi Hernandez-Alex Murphy (USA) 21-19, 21-13
    Kati Duddridge-Brooke Fournier (USC) def. Nicolette Martin-Kathryn Plummer (USA) 12-21, 21-14, 15-8
    Kati Duddridge-Brooke Fournier (USC) def. Gigi Hernandez-Alex Murphy (USA) 21-11, 21-12
    Kirby Burnham-Stevi Robinson (USC) def. Nicolette Martin-Kathryn Plummer (USA) 21-11, 21-11

    POOL S (Chafeh-Hughes 3-0, Ettinger-Russ/Irvin 2-1, Seau-Stonish 1-2, M. Hernandez-Schmitt 0-3)
    Jane Chafeh-Heather Hughes (USA) def. Mary Hernandez-Ivey Schmitt (USA) 21-15, 21-18
    Eve Ettinger-Bria Russ (USC) def. Sydney Seau-Alexa Stonish (USC) 21-9, 21-14
    Jane Chafeh-Heather Hughes (USA) def. Sydney Seau-Alexa Stonish (USC) 23-21, 21-19
    Eve Ettinger-Christine Irvin (USC) def. Mary Hernandez-Ivey Schmitt (USA) 21-14, 21-9
    Sydney Seau-Alexa Stonish (USC) def. Mary Hernandez-Ivey Schmitt (USA) 21-14, 21-13
    Jane Chafeh-Heather Hughes (USA) def. Eve Ettinger-Christine Irvin (USC) 17-21, 21-9, 15-11

    POOL C (Trevino-Urango 3-0, Fuller-Sary 2-1, Hirschman-Siljkovic 1-2, Kaupp-Irvin/Sary 0-3)
    Katie Fuller-Cinnamon Sary (USC) def. Sam Hirschmann-Natasa Siljkovic (USC) 21-18, 21-11
    Courtney Trevino-Geena Urango (USA) def. Christine Irvin-Erin Kaupp (USC) 21-13, 21-6
    Katie Fuller-Cinnamon Sary (USC) def. Christine Irvin-Erin Kaupp (USC) 21-12, 21-15
    Courtney Trevino-Geena Urango (USA) def. Sam Hirschmann-Natasa Siljkovic (USC) 21-16, 19-21, 15-10
    Sam Hischmann-Natasa Siljkovic (USC) def. Erin Kaupp-Cinnamon Sary (USC) 21-7, 21-7
    Courtney Trevino-Geena Urango (USA) def. Katie Fuller-Cinnamon Sary (USC) 21-13, 21-14


    Kirby Burnham-Stevi Robinson (USC) def. Courtney Trevino-Geena Urango (USA); 21-15, 22-24, 15-13

    Jane Chafeh-Heather Hughes (USA) def. Katie Fuller-Cinnamon Sary (USC); 21-19, 21-17

    Kati Duddridge-Brooke Fournier (USC) def. Eve Ettinger-Christine Irvin (USC); 21-18, 24-26, 15-11