Beach Volleyball
    Post-match Quotes: USC, LMU, Florida State


    March 11, 2013


    USC Head Coach Anna Collier

    On the team's first win of the season
    "I'm very happy that we got one under our belt. I felt that we played okay. We were a little more nervous than I thought we might be because we've been doing a lot of competitive drills, but you get the band, you get the crowd, you get your home court, you get Florida State, who beat us last year and it's a whole different situation, so I think they played okay. I would have liked to have played a little bit better and I think it was just jitters. You could see it. I could feel it and at least this one's under our belt, so we can really move forward."

    On how close the matches ended up being
    "I think our first win was hugely important. I think that's why we were able to compete with Florida State. We're number three, they're number four, and it's 3-2 and we lost, 21-19, 21-19, to them, so a difference of four points."

    On whether the team was fatigued from a long day of play
    "Fatigue was not a factor; not at all. I think jitters [were]. I do because we don't have a lot of beach experience. These girls are just coming from an indoor program and they haven't got a lot of competitions under their belt and you could see it; you could tell the difference and Florida State has a lot of returners from last year, so they have a lot more competitions under their belts and all. Bottom line, that's it, we just need to compete some more."

    On being able to play in the new Merle Norman Stadium
    "I love it; I love the stadium. It's great home court advantage. I really like the large crowd that we got; that was amazing. I mean this place was pretty full, so I'm happy. I'm really happy with the stadium. Merle Norman Stadium is absolutely awesome. We couldn't ask for anything better."

    Stevi Robinson, Gr.

    On competing with experienced teams like Florida State
    "I think the focus was the difference maker between LMU and Florida State. I think with Florida State, we kind of lost focus and you could see that. It started off with the four and five games and then it didn't really recover."

    On the team's long-term goals
    "Obviously, we need to take care of all of the California teams and West Coast teams to make sure that we get to go to Alabama as a team and not just as pairs, so that's the ultimate goal, right now."

    Natasa Siljkovic, Sr.

    On the team's overall play
    "Well, I think we played well. It was our first performance, so some of us were kind of nervous. I'm glad we got the nervousness out and played well, but it could have been better. I think we did really well with supporting each other. Some of us would get stressed out and the other teammate would help them out and just seeming very supportive."

    On playing in the new Merle Norman Stadium
    "I think the new stadium is amazing. For me, this is a whole new experience, a whole different game, but I'm loving it and I'm enjoying every moment of it. I'm excited to be part of the team."

    On her goals for the season
    "Just get better every time. Just get better every single game and I think results will just come with that."