Women's Soccer
    The Trojan Kid's Corner Makes Noise

    Children from Oak Street Elementary enjoy a football win over Utah State.

    Sept. 23, 2013

    If you've attended a sporting event on USC's campus this fall, you might have noticed the energetic cheers of a youthful fan group. Each year the USC Athletic Department carries on its long standing tradition of providing tickets for local schools and youth organizations through the Trojan Kid's Corner program. Offering up to 25 tickets for any Southern California children's group, Kid's Corner provides local youth with the opportunity to experience intercollegiate sports and cheer on the Trojans, often quite loudly.

    This fall over 4,000 kids experienced the Trojan football tradition in full game day glory. Groups of students filled the stands to cheer on the team as they battled Washington State on September 7th and Utah State on September 21st. Witnessing team sporting events helps cultivate hope, develop character, and inspire success in today's local youth. Through their performance on and off the field, the Trojans hope to provide positive role models for local children. Kid's Corner makes a point of exposing children to the athletes in their arena, while other initiatives within the USC Athletics' Community Outreach Program introduce local kids to athletes in a more personal setting.

    The Kid's Corner effort extends well beyond the walls of the Coliseum. At their September 15th game against Loyola Marymount University, Women's Soccer hosted over 900 children at McAlister Field, adding another 800 at their September 22nd matchup against Cal State Fullerton. The team will host approximately 3,000 students during their upcoming games against Washington State and Ohio State. In total, more than 4,500 local youths will have experienced Trojan Soccer by the end of this season.

    The Galen Center has already played host to nearly 1,400 kids at Women's Volleyball matches. Groups cheered on three-set victories over UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton, and 4,000 more kids hold tickets for upcoming events.

    By Christmas over 14,000 Southern California kids will have had the opportunity to attend a sporting event at USC, but the giving doesn't end during the holiday season. With basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and men's volleyball tickets still to be distributed, the children of Los Angeles will have ample opportunities to visit Troy.