Women's Soccer
    Surf's Up For USC Soccer In Hawai'i!

    The Trojans caught some waves in Waikiki!

    March 19, 2013

    Aloha, Trojan Family!

    As I type this post, I struggle to keep my fingers hovered above the keyboard, and our surf session might be the culprit of my body's soreness.

    Monday began with a short walk to the park for a training session that can most appropriately be described as sweaty and competitive. Though tensions were high at practice as we fought Laura, our referee, over every play and minute detail, we shared many laughs and when training was over we were eager to hit the alluring and gem-like blue waters of Waikiki for a surf lesson conducted by none other than our own Elizabeth Eddy. As 30 girls carried 9-foot boards out to the beach, we received many confused glances and upon arriving at the beach, Elizabeth gave us a brief lesson and we were ready to jump in the ocean. Welcomed to the open seas with a slow set of infrequent waves, we paddled out until all the beach-goers were just ants on the horizon. Before even catching any waves, my shoulders were cringing as I was struggling to meet the break of 3-foot, yet daunting waves to a surf beginner.

    Following many belly flops, face plants, and flips, none of which I even thought I was capable of, I caught my first wave with many thanks to Elizabeth! And that wave was certainly not my last. Among the team catching many waves with ease were Marlee, Heather, and Autumn, despite her many doubts in the beginning.

    After what seemed like hours in the water and with our stomachs begging for food, a few of us stopped for burgers and an ice cream. And I think it's safe to say that that lunch was one of the most satisfying meals I have ever ingested.

    Next on the agenda was a sunset ride on a catamaran, so we walked down the beach a ways to catch the boat. Departing onto the sea, the beautiful scenery and weather awed us all. We all partook in an amateur photo shoot with the wind blowing in our hair and the sun's departing rays illuminating us all. Who ever said that we couldn't be America's Next Top Model? Out in the distance we spotted a tail flopping that belonged to a baby humpback whale that was accompanied by its mother and this sight was nothing less than beautiful. As the whales passed, we were blessed with a rare appearance from Jamie Fink and Jeanette Jimenez as the rapping duet with their song, "Running Problem." Many laughs later, the boat docked and we made our way to dinner. As I had previously thought that the post-surfing meal was most satisfying, I was corrected by our exquisite meal at Duke's and our pleasant surprise dessert: ice cream from the coaches.



    Though the day's events left us dead tired, I'm sure that many of us will not forget this day as the first wave caught, or the wondrous sunset boat ride, or the time Dom fell asleep at the dinner table. Lying in bed at day's end, still feeling the swaying effects of the ocean, I can't help but think how grateful I am to be here with my best friends in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, playing soccer and surrounded by an awesome staff of people. I can't wait to see what sorts of adventures tomorrow will bring!

    - Mia Bruno