Women's Soccer
    Aloha, Trojan Fútbol Family!

    Aloha from Hawai'i!

    March 18, 2013

    Aloha, Trojan Family!

    At 6:30 am on a Friday, the USC womenʼs fútbol team hopped on a charter bus for a ride to the airport to a board plane to paradise. Everyone was tired but very excited to be departing to Hawai'i for Spring Break. Once on the plane, everyone found their individual seat while looking and hoping not to find a baby or young child anywhere near them. Lucky for us there were many little children! And they were spread out throughout the plane! After being on a plane for five hours with children who were very loudly expressing how excited they were to be going to Hawai'i, we arrived in beautiful Oahu.

    Once off the plane, food was on every girl's mind and on the top of the list of priorities. After a quick pitstop to Subway, we were at our hotel soaking up the beautiful oceanfront views. It was an early night for the team, since everyone was adjusting to the time difference, early morning rise, and travel.

    On Saturday morning we were up and awake at 7:30 to have our first practice in Oahu. "Wait. What? We actually have to practice while weʼre here? Weʼre not just going to the beach and tanning all day?" Soon after arriving at the soccer park, we are graciously approached by a youth girlsʼ soccer team, who woke up on their day off from school to come watch us practice. Thatʼs some dedication right there. They were all very supportive and extremely nice. Our first practice was tough but a great start to our beautiful week.

    Even though we were still trying to get rid of jet lag and get used to the field conditions, it still seemed to be like one of our usual practices except for the fact we are totally across the Pacific Ocean soaking up the sun in Oahu. After practice, everyoneʼs main goal was to get to the beach as soon as possible. The rest of the day we were on our own to enjoy a great, lazy, clear blue ocean sunny day.



    The next morning, we had a LOVELY beach conditioning session with Coach D. Most people who hear "beach" and "conditioning" in the same sentence frown at the thought but this team has its priorities straight. Whatever gets us the best tan and in shape at the same time, we are all for! Straight from conditioning, we went to practice at the local park. Short-sided games quickly escalated into shouting matches for which team won and discrepancies over the rules and regulations. It got heated real quickly! But what can I say? We are a competitive team even in tranquil Hawai'i.

    Quickly after practice, we drove to Hanauma Bay, a beautiful nature preserve where snorkeling gives you real life interaction with the fish from "Finding Nemo". Itʼs been a blast so far and its only been two days. We have surf lessons tomorrow with Elizabeth Eddy, so who knows what will happen to us tomorrow!

    We are beyond thankful to USC for giving us the opportunity to experience Hawaii as a team. Fight on!!

    -Alex Quincey