Women's Rowing
    Trojan Boats Take First at Head of the American Regatta

    Junior captain Krisztina Gyimes and freshman Dorottya Bene took home gold medals in the pairs competition at the Head of the American.

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    Oct. 28, 2014

    GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The USC women's rowing team had boats earn first-place honors in both the collegiate pairs and fours events at the Head of the American Regatta on Saturday (Oct. 25). It was the second of two fall head races for the Women of Troy.

    In the pairs competition, freshman Dorottya Bene and junior All-American Krisztina Gyimes took first place with a time of 20:02 and outpaced the next fastest boat from Stanford by 16 seconds. Washington's top pair came in 21 seconds behind the Trojan tandem. Among a record 53 pairs competing, the Trojans' pairs of Ida Jacobson and Eglit Vosu (12th, 20:52), Madara Strautmane and Alexandra Varekova (13th, 20:56), and Lindsay Gibson and Elizabeth Turner (18th, 21:08) all finished among the top 20.

    USC's tandems of Alice Riley and Erika Blumberga and Sara Bilimoria and Katherine Gleadow each tied for 23rd with times of 21:18. Keret Einaste and Darian DiCianno crossed the line at 21:36 (30th) while Kamali Houston and Shelby Adair finished with a time of 21:45 (35th). Trojan freshmen Katherine Hubert and Kendall Sinosky took 39th with a time of 22:02, and Isabel Fitter and Gitta Kivilaan finished in 45th at 22:32.

    In the fours races, Bene and Gyimes teamed with Strautmane and Varekova to take first place with senior coxswain Kellyn Freire. The USC boat finished with a time of 18:51, which was 38 seconds faster (19:29) than Stanford's top boat, which came in second. The Trojans also took third place as Einaste, DiCianno, Gibson, and Turner crossed the finish line (19:33) under the guidance of sophomore coxswain Kaelyn Ibold, just four seconds slower than the Cardinal boat.

    USC's four of Vosu, Jacobsen, Houston, and Adair was coxed by freshman Alexandra Fowler and had the fifth fastest time of the day at 19:56. Riley, Blumberga, Gleadow, and Bilimoria took ninth with a time of 20:19 with junior coxswain Aly Scharpf. In 10th place (20:26) was USC's boat of Kivilaan, Fitter, Hubert, and Sinosky, with coxswain Claire Purvis, and in 16th place, Melissa Schem, Jacqueline Dobbas, Elaine Krebs, and Megan Linney, with coxswain Alyssa Diaz finished at 20:55. The Trojans' seventh fours boat of Nikki Kloss, Karina Batek, Katherine Plaxe, Emily McRight, and coxswain Lauren Hanano finished at 21:20 in 19th place.

    With the conclusion of fall events, the Women of Troy turn their attention to training and will be back in action in the spring of 2015 at the 42nd San Diego Crew Classic in Mission Bay, Calif. (March 28-29). For more information on USC women's rowing and a complete schedule, please visit USCTrojans.com. Fans can also follow the Women of Troy on Facebook and on Twitter @USCWomensRowing.

    American River | Gold River, Calif.
    Saturday, October 25, 2014


    267 1st 20:02 Dorottya Bene/Krisztina Gyimes
    288 12th 20:52 Ida Jacobsen/Eglit Vosu
    275 13th 20:56 Madara Strautmane/Alexandra Varekova
    285 18th 21:08 Lindsay Gibson/Elizabeth Turner
    302 23rd 21:18 Alice Riley/Erika Blumberga
    305 23rd 21:18 Sara Bilimoria/Katherine Gleadow
    295 30th 21:36 Keret Einaste/Darian DiCianno
    291 35th 21:45 Kamali Houston/Shelby Adair
    307 39th 22:02 Katherine Hubert/Kendall Sinosky
    298 45th 22:32 Isabel Fitter/Gitta Kivilaan
    585 1st 18:51 Dorottya Bene/Krisztina Gyimes/Madara Strautmane/Alexandra Varekova, cox: Kellyn Freire
    589 3rd 19:33 Keret Einaste/Darian DiCianno/Lindsay Gibson/Elizabeth Turner, cox: Kaelyn Ibold
    590 5th 19:56 Eglit Vosu/Ida Jacobsen/Kamali Houston/Shelby Adair, cox: Alexandra Fowler
    595 9th 20:19 Alice Riley/Erika Blumberga/Katherine Gleadow/Sara Bilimoria, cox: Aly Scharpf
    592 10th 20:26 Gitta Kivilaan/Isabel Fitter/Katherine Hubert/Kendall Sinosky, cox: Claire Purvis
    614 16th 20:55 Melissa Schem/Jacqueline Dobbas/Elaine Krebs/Megan Linney, cox: Alyssa Diaz
    615 19th 21:20 Nikki Kloss/Karina Batek/Katherine Plaxe/Emily McRight, cox: Lauren Hanano