Women's Rowing
    The Women of Troy Dominate at the Head of the American Regatta
    Robin Hextrum and Diana Ivanova
    Robin Hextrum and Diana Ivanova

    Oct. 27, 2007

    The Women of Troy enjoyed a successful day as they opened up the 2007-2008 crew season at the Head of the American Regatta on Saturday October 27, 2007. The races took place at Lake Natoma in Sacramento, Calif.

    USC dominated the field in the women's pairs and women's four + coxswain events, which were full of tough competition from many of the top programs on the West Coast. The Women of Troy not only swept the medal podium in the collegiate women's pairs race but also took the next four positions. The pairing of Robin Hextrum and Diana Ivanova won the race with a final time of 20:00, but overall there was only 11 seconds separating the top three teams.

    Despite being without injured All-American coxswain Lauren Cowan, the Women of Troy continued their domination by placing first and second in the women's collegiate four + coxswain event. The gold medal crew was led by junior coxswain Denise Kobashikawa and the silver medal team was led by coxswain Lisa Sabalvaro.

    In the women's collegiate novice 8 + coxswain race, USC took first over Stanford, by a 21 second margin of victory.

    Head Coach Zenon Babraj was pleased with the team's performance at the regatta, saying "The competition between all of our rowers in the women's pairs race was excellent and shows the depth of our team. Also our first and second finishes in the fours race was excellent because Stanford, who finished third, placed fifth last weekend at the highly competitive Head of the Charles event in Boston. Overall the performance shows us that individually our team is made up of athletes that are as good as or better than our team last year. The races were a great indicator of where we are as a team. We just need to work on translating what we did in the smaller boats into the larger eight boats."



    The varsity team will spend the remainder of the semester training, whereas the novice crew will race once more at the Newport Autumn Rowing Festival on Sunday, November 4.

    Official Results

    Women's Colligate 2-

    1. USC (1. Diana Ivanova 2. Robin Hextrum) 0:20:00

    2. USC (1. Tatiana Boldyreva 2. Ligita Kaviere) 0:20:06

    3. USC (1. Dunja Pejcic 2. Liene Bertasjus) 0:20:11

    4. USC (1. Magda Madziewicz 2. Carin Andersson) 0:20:14

    5. USC (1. Cassie Richardson 2. Anna Specjalska) 0:20:43

    6. USC (1. Kinga Mikolajczyk 2.Bara Varekova) 0:21:19

    7. USC (1. Andrea Vehovec 2.Ewelina Nowak) 0:21:38

    8. Cal - Blue 0:21:46

    9. USC (1. Shelley Koskovich 2. Phebe Greenwood) 0:22:04

    10. USC (1. Michelle Taft 2. Nichole Fischbach) 0:22:05

    11. USC (1. Lisa Greenwood 2. Nana Gagatsovi) 0:22:15

    Women's Collegiate Quad 4x

    1. USC 0:18:42

    Women's Colligate 4+ N/A

    1. USC-A 0:18:56 (1. Cassie Richardson, 2. Anna Specjalska, 3. Magda Madziewicz, 4. Carin Andersson, Cox. Denise Kobashikawa)

    2. USC - B 0:19:09 (1. Kinga Mikolajczyk, 2. Liene Bertasjus, 3. Tatiana Boldyreva, 4. Robin Hextrum, Cox. Lisa Sabalvaro)

    3. Stanford - Sheridan 0:19:32

    4. USC - C 0:19:53 (1. Phebe Greenwood, 2. Shelley Koskovich, 3. Lisa Greenwood, 4. Nana Gagatsovi, Cox Catherine Humenuk)

    5. USC - D 0:19:58 (1. Michelle Taft, 2. Nichole Fischbach, 3. Andrea Vehovec, 4. Ewelina Nowak, Cox. Dana Naverson)

    Women's Novice Collegiate 8+

    1. USC A 0:19:05 2. Stanford 0:19:26 3. Cal - Blue 0:19:42 4. Cal - Gold 0:20:10 5. USC B 0:21:06

    USC "A" 1. Laura Hickey 2. Katherine O'Brian 3. Kate McFetridge 4. Melissa Estep 5. Megan Berry 6. Betsy Koons 7. Lauren Schaerer 8. Melanie Epling Cox. Dana Naverson

    USC "B" 1. Kristen Mullen 2. Grace Heimsness 3. Nicole Chuang 4. Melanie Martin 5. Laura Pomatto 6. Allison Doherty 7. Malia Makowicki 8. Meg Brown Cox. Angela Quarter