Women's Rowing
    Post-Race Quotes: NCAA Championships

    June 2, 2013

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    On USC’s program-best finish at the NCAA championships
    “I’m very happy with the performance of the four. Even though the 2V8 came in fourth, I think that was a great race. If they would have been on a stroke, they could have been second. The difference between second and fourth was so small. Both of those boats performed up to their potential. They were full speed and were each very close to Ohio State, which had been a dominant team all season. As for the performance of the varsity eight, I’d have to say that it’s disappointing. They couldn’t handle the pressure, today, and had an unfortunately poor run in the final.”

    On the performance of the varsity four boat
    “Adding Katherine Gleadow to the mix late was a big change for our four, but she is a fighter. She was recovering from mononucleosis and had more than a month and a half off from rowing, so she was just catching up. But at our pre-NCAA camp, she just performed magnificently. This was a great race and she performed so well. Our whole varsity four was very strong. They beat all the West Coast crews and came in second in the country. I’m very proud of them.”

    PAIGE FERNANDES | Sophomore Coxswain (V4)

    On the varsity four’s race
    “We came off the line really strong as we usually do. We had a boat-length up on all crews, which we were kind of expecting. Throughout the middle of the race, we really focused on maintaining that lead, walking away, and never settling. Towards the end of the race, Ohio State started to walk through us, but we fought every single stroke. There was never a moment when we just let them take it. They just had three really strong punches and I think we might have had just two and a half. They were so strong, but we fought the entire way, stroke-for-stroke.”

    On the change at stroke in her four
    “I think the change in our lineup brought us a different kind of confidence because it was something new and something different. Eglit [Vosu] and Kajsa [Olsson] rowed behind Kate [Gleadow] at NCAAs last year in the 2V8 and they had a strong finish. I think they trusted her and they knew that when push comes to shove at the last 1,000 meters of the race, they knew that she was going to be there for them. Also, Darian [DiCianno] being a freshman, that’s incredible to go out there and get second at the NCAA championships. It says a lot about how great an asset she is to us.”

    KATHERINE GLEADOW | Sophomore Stroke (V4)

    On the varsity four’s race
    “We knew what we wanted to do, and we went out there with a game plan to go as hard and as fast as we can and just fight for every inch, especially at the end.”

    On developing chemistry with her boat in just two weeks of preparation
    “Two of the girls were in the second eight last year with me and Darian [DiCianno] was right behind me and we said that this is our opportunity. We’re just going to go for it. We had nothing to lose. We came out as an underdog out of the Pac-12 and we knew that we could be faster than what was expected and that if we all went for it, that everyone else would go for it with us. If you want it, you can go and get it.”