Women's Rowing
    Post-Race Quotes: San Diego Crew Classic (Sunday)


    April 7, 2013



    On the team's performance on the water and taking home all three trophies
    "Awesome. That was really awesome. I think that they all rose to the occasion. It was a great day, but we've got to still keep in mind that it's San Diego and just the beginning of the season." 

    On what his boats can continue to improve on as the season progresses
    "Our goal is to look forward and focus on the end of the season. There is a lot of technical work that we can still do, especially in the first boat. We're still working on the first part of the race. With the other boats, there's also technical work to do, and maybe some work on bringing up our power. There's a lot of room for improvement. Even though we have speed, I think we've had the most depth that we've had in years, here at USC."

    On the value of his senior leadership on the squad
    "You always want to step on the shoulders of the ones that went ahead of you. It's always easier when you've won an event, before. You think that since you've done it before, you can go ahead and do it again. Now, we have to apply our successes to the next stage."

    JENNAH BLAU | Sr. Coxswain

    On how she coxed the varsity eight's grand final
    "We always talk about how we want to run our own race. We knew that Virginia was going to come out fast. They took a lot of 10's and made a lot of moves directly after their start and we knew that that wasn't something we wanted to match, so we focused on running our own race. I didn't call the location of the other boats, again, until about the 1000-meter mark. I waited a really long time and by that time, I only focused on Virginia who was right next to us. I saw that Cal and UCLA were each about a boat length up, but we didn't need to worry about that right away. That was about when we took about two seats from Virginia and we walked right through them. Then, I focused on Cal and at the 500 mark, we brought it up one rate and we knew we had to go, and we really started to fly, and it was great."

    On the performance of the team as a whole
    "It's really great because our program is so young. We've got a really mix of seniors and we've got a nice group of freshmen. The second eight and the varsity four were both stroked by freshmen, which is incredible. I think it shows that our program is well rounded and it also means that we'll always have a lot to work on. Even in the first eight, we can always improve, and that's great because we're always getting faster. We're not peaking right here. There's still a lot to go."

    VINETA MOCA | Jr. Port

    On the Jessop-Whittier Cup grand final
    "Yesterday, we talked about how we're going to run our own race, so we're not going to focus on other boats; just on moving our own boat. At the start, it was a little bit of a struggle, but eventually, we started to pick it up and started to move. Our coxswain didn't call where we were in relation to other boats, so we didn't even know that Cal was up there. I think it was when we had about 750 meters to go when she called that we still had Cal to walk down so that's when we really picked it up and started to throw down."

    On the final 250 meters of the race
    "The last 750 meters of the race is when we started to build it up and start to pick up the speed and start to move The last 250 meters, we turned up the slide a little bit and pulled away."

    On the team's performance as a whole
    "It's really exciting to see all of our boats win. Even our second four got second place in its final, yesterday, in a really close race. We still have a lot of work to do in order to improve, but it's really exciting."