Women's Rowing
    Post-Race Quotes: San Diego Crew Classic (Saturday)

    April 6, 2013


    JENNAH BLAU | Sr. Coxswain

    On the importance of racing a strong opening heat
    “I think it was really important for us because we’re such a new team. Three out of the eight rowers in the first boat are freshmen so it’s really important to set the level of racing for the freshmen and to build the confidence of the boat as a whole. Some of these girls have never raced in this type of elite competition before so it’s really nice to be able to come out and beat someone by seven seats.”

    On what the difference was for her boat in her opening race
    “For us, the most important part of the race was that we didn’t focus on anyone but ourselves in the first 500 meters. I told my boat last night that I wasn’t going to call our location in respect to other boats until after that 500-meter mark. We were just going to focus on our rhythm, our flow; how we were running the show, personally. That was great because we were down in the first 250 meters, and we walked right through. It was great to find out that we have the mental and physical capacity to move up when we’re down without having to call out other boats. That was the strongest and best part of our race. Even though we were down, we just kept on walking straight through that 500-meter mark.”

    On the performance of the team as a whole on the first day of the Crew Classic
    “Everyone is going to grand finals, which is incredible. I think, yes, the Jessop-Whittier Cup is important, but what we need to look at more is that this is the season-opener for our team. This just shows that while we’re a new and young team—our second eight is so young, and our four has a freshman stroke—and we’re still in grand finals, and we have some of the top times. I think this really shows the strength of our program even with a mix of young and old but that we’re still a very fast crew.”



    MELANIE GRINDLE | Sr. Starboard 

    On the importance of getting off to a good start
    “It’s really important to get the first-place spot on the first day in San Diego because it sets your seeding for the finals. A lot of the race can be dictated by the course conditions and there are definitely more favorable conditions if you can race out of the first or second lane than if you were to race out of the fifth or sixth lane.”

    On the varsity eight’s opening heat
    “We weren’t the quickest crew off the start, by far, but we had a solid race, and we just stayed with the plan. Our coxswain stuck to the plan and she got our calls done. It’s still early on in the season and we’re still figuring some things out in our boat, but we’re just going to go for it.”

    On the team’s performance as a whole on the first day of the Crew Classic
    “We’re really proud of the team’s performance as a whole, today. This is definitely a good way to start the season off—coming out and winning all of our heats. It sets us up really well for tomorrow, but that’s where all the big deciding factors will come into play.”