Women's Rowing
    No. 6 Women of Troy Cruise on First Day at Crew Classic

    Senior coxswain Jennah Blau guided her varsity eight to the day's best time at the San Diego Crew Classic.

    April 6, 2013

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    Post-race Quotes (Saturday)

    Mission Bay | San Diego, Calif.
    April 6-7, 2013

    Sunday, April 7
    7:20 a.m. - Women's Collegiate Novice Petite Final (Laurel V. Korholz Perpetual Trophy)
    9:35 a.m. - Women's Collegiate Varsity Invitational Grand Final (Jessop-Whittier Cup in Memory of Patty Wyatt)
    10:00 a.m. - Women's Collegiate 2V Grand Final (Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy)
    10:20 a.m. - Women's Collegiate 4+ Grand Final (Karen Plumleigh Cortney Cup)

    SAN DIEGO - The sixth-ranked USC women's rowing team put its early-season speed on display as the Trojans three varsity boats into Sunday's grand finals at the 40th-annual San Diego Crew Classic on Saturday, April 6. As two-time defending champions of the Jessop-Whittier Cup, the Women of Troy flexed their power in their heat. First to launch, USC's varsity eight set the pace for the day with a time of 6:24.05 in the Women's Collegiate Varsity Invitational. The Trojans put three varsity boats into the Crew Classic's grand finals for the seventh consecutive year.

    The Trojans' varsity four and junior varsity eight boats each completed their heats with open water between their competitors. Senior coxswain Jennah Blau called the race for USC's varsity eight whose time was the best among all invitational boats. The Trojans raced out of lane two and edged California's time of 6:26.36. USC's time was also better than top-ranked Virginia (6:24.66) which raced out of the top lane in the other heat. Duke came in third to earn a spot in the grand final. Wisconsin, Purdue, and Iowa finished fourth, fifth, and sixth to take spots in the petite final.

    USC's varsity eight will race for the right to hoist the Jessop-Whittier Cup for a third consecutive year against Virginia, Washington, California, UCLA, and Duke in Sunday's grand final set for 9:35 a.m. PT.

    Coxed by sophomore Paige Fernandes and racing out of lane two for the Karen Plumleigh Cortney Cup, the varsity four's time of 7:20.56 blew the field out of the water as the Trojans crossed the finish line more than 10 seconds before second-place Washington (7:30.90). Duke finished third in the heat to advance to the grand final. San Diego, Kansas State, Texas--who had the third lane--and San Diego State rounded out the seven-boat race. The varsity four will race UCLA, Washington, Virginia, Washington State, and Duke in the grand final at 10:20 a.m. on Sunday.

    USC's second varsity eight's bow ball also crossed the finish line with open water between the Trojans and the trailing Huskies. Racing out of lane one for the Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy, the Women of Troy recorded a time of 6:47.80 under the guidance of sophomore coxswain Kellyn Freire and capitalized on a lost oar by the Husky crew to finish nearly 11 seconds ahead of UW (6:58.70). Duke and San Diego finished third and fourth respectively to take spots in the petite final with Bates and Loyola rounding out the race. The USC second varsity eight will race Cal, Washington, Virginia, UCLA, and Wisconsin in the grand final on Sunday at 10 a.m.

    In a single-final race coxed by freshman coxswain Cameron Steurer, USC's second varsity four earned a second-place finish out of the second lane. In the top lane, Virginia's push over the final 250 meters gave the Cavaliers a time of 7:33.11 that barely edged the Trojans' 7:35.04. UCLA finished third with Texas, San Diego, and San Diego State to follow.

    USC's first-year rowers rounded off the first day of racing for the Trojans as the novice eight claimed a third-place finish in one heat for the Laurel V. Korholz Perpetual Trophy. Coxed by junior Jaclyn Walles, the novice eight had a time of 7:19.10 on the 2000-meter course behind Cal's time of 7:02.91, and Minnesota's time of 7:14.34. Orange Coast College, SDSU and Sacramento State finished next. The novice eight will race OCC, Washington State, two boats from Texas, and Sacramento State in the petite final set for Sunday at 7:20 a.m.

    For a complete schedule of races at the 2013 San Diego Crew Classic, please visit www.crewclassic.org/results.

    Saturday, April 6
    Women's Collegiate Varsity Invitational Heat B | USC Varsity Eight
    Jessop-Whittier Cup in Memory of Patty Wyatt
    1 USC (2) 6:24.05
    2 California (1) 6:26.36
    3 Duke (4) 6:35.11
    4 Wisconsin (3) 6:38.57
    5 Purdue (6) 6:48.37
    6 Iowa (5) 6:53.10
    Women's Collegiate 2V | USC Second Varsity Eight
    Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy
    1 USC (1) 6:47.80
    2 Washington (2) 6:58.70
    3 Duke (3) 7:06.64
    4 San Diego (4) 7:07.61
    5 Bates (6) 7:22.06
    6 Loyola (5) 7:30.22
    Women's Collegiate 4+ | USC Varsity Four
    Karen Plumleigh Cortney Cup
    1 USC (2) 7:20.56
    2 Washington (1) 7:30.90
    3 Duke (4) 7:36.40
    4 San Diego (5) 7:38.25
    5 Kansas State (6) 7:44.36
    6 Texas (3) 7:48.54
    7 San Diego State (7) 8:05.10
    Women's Collegiate 4+ B | USC Second Varsity Four
    1 Virginia (1) 7:33.11
    2 USC (2) 7:35.04
    3 UCLA (3) 7:45.14
    4 Texas (4) 7:57.27
    5 San Diego (5) 8:10.26
    6 San Diego State (6) 8:26.46
    Women's Collegiate Novice | USC Novice Eight
    Laurel V. Korholz Perpetual Trophy
    1 California (1) 7:02.91
    2 Minnesota A (2) 7:14.34
    3 USC (3) 7:19.10
    4 Orange Coast Col. (4) 7:33.45
    5 San Diego State A (5) 7:33.84
    6 Sacramento State B (6) 7:41.31
    7 San Diego State B (7) 7:56.49