Women's Lacrosse
    Postgame Quotes: USC-Fresno State


    April 20, 2013

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    USC Head Coach Lindsey Munday

    On the first last regular-season home game for USC women's lacrosse
    "It's bittersweet, obviously. It's really exciting that this is our first season and it's crazy to think that the season's almost over and this is our last home game, but I'm really proud of the girls and how they came out, today. It was a total team effort across the board."

    On USC's third-highest scoring output of the season
    "It was a great win, today. Like I said, it was a team win, across the field--defensively, in the midfield, offensively--everyone was working together, so we're really proud of them, but we've got a big week ahead of us in terms of preparation. San Diego State is a great team, so we have a lot of work ahead of us."

    On preparing for a potential playoff berth
    "At the end of the day, we just have to play our best game come Saturday. It potentially may come down to whoever wins that game will be the four spot. I don't if that's true, yet, but that's a good position to be in. If we can work hard, this week, and hopefully have a team effort like we did today."

    Amanda Johansen, Fr. M

    On the victory and USC's defense
    "We won a ton of draw controls and defensively, we all played as a team. We all knew where the ball was and every time they tried to go to goal, somebody was there for backup."

    On having 13 draw controls in the game
    "We definitely need to continue to win draw controls. Today, everybody just boxed out like crazy and they made it easy for me to go get the ground ball and I think we just need to continue to work together like we did today."

    On the momentum that this victory provides
    "This game has pumped us up a lot, but we know how important that game [against San Diego State] is and we're all fired up and ready for a huge game and hopefully come out for a win."

    Liz Shaeffer, Fr. G

    On her performance in the caged
    "It felt good. It felt really good. We limited the number that they had and when they did take shots, we made them take the shots that we wanted them to take, so overall, it was a good game."

    On how her defense supported her during the game
    "The defense made them take bad shots and forced them out the way that we wanted. We had a lot of caused turnovers inside the eight, so a lot of the time, they didn't even get to shoot very often. I think they only had seven shots in the entire game."

    On what kind of motivation this victory gives moving forward
    "I feel pretty good. I felt like there's obviously another save I would have liked to make, but other than that I feel pretty good about everything and moving forward, we just want to go and improve on everything we did this weekend for next weekend [against San Diego State]."

    Olivia Gerton, So. A

    On scoring four goals against Fresno State
    "Offensively, we played really smart. We wanted to work hard, and draw the doubles, and look for the open players, so personally, I just tried to keep my space, not cut to the ball and crowd it. We all just worked as a unit to move the ball quickly and efficiently and that opened up so many opportunities for everyone and I was able to capitalize when it was my chance."

    On how the defense was able to eliminate Fresno State's opportunities
    "Defensively, they played amazingly. I'm attack, so I don't really get to participate, but we play against the defense everyday in practice and just today they came out like a machine; they were on the communication, their slides, everything was on point. It would have been hard for a good offense to score. We're all pretty proud of how hard we worked out there."

    On what momentum this performance builds
    "We're pretty pumped. Today, we played the whole sixty-minutes like one force and I feel really excited to apply that to practice this week and keep the momentum moving forward and upward. Eye on the prize this week! We're really excited."