Women's Lacrosse
    Postgame Quotes: USC-Oregon


    April 4, 2013

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    USC Head Coach Lindsey Munday 

    On the importance of the win over Oregon
    "This was a great win for us. Obviously, a conference win is always important. This really was the first game in which we played a full 60 minutes where every single player played a major role in securing the victory. We didn't have to rely on just one or two players. We had people step up in all facets of the game, today, and it produced a great result. We've learned a lot, so far, and we just put it all together. This really gives us confidence with the games we have left on the schedule, and now we have to get ready to face another great opponent in Cal on Friday."

    On what the team can do to continue to improve down the stretch
    "I think we can always get better. Even today, we still made some mental mistakes in different areas of the field. Offensively and in the midfield, we gave up some unforced turnovers and let some balls get away from us. We need to clean that kind of stuff up and make our communication better. For us, it's about cleaning up the details so that we can make teams really work for their goals and to get them out of their comfort zone when we're the ones on offense. Using what we know about ourselves, as coaches, we'll still go back to the drawing board and find things that we can do to get better all the time."

    On what was working against Oregon
    "Oregon is a great team. They really are. I think the reason that we were successful, tonight, especially on offense is because we had patience. The Ducks shut down a lot of our plays, but the reason things worked is because we waited for the best opportunities to present themselves. We went from a first dodge to a second and a third, and we kept ball moving and made good decisions. They are good at feeding the ball inside and we were good at that today, too. At the halftime break, we buckled down and honed in on feeding and made some good changes and got them to score in different ways and it helped. If we hadn't played the full 60 minutes, the outcome might have been different, but it was all about being able to sustain for 60 minutes. That was the difference for us."

    On playing keep-away against the Ducks to close the game
    "At the end, I think what helped us [implement that strategy] was thanks to our out-of-conference schedule. Our schedule starting off with Northwestern and UMass--two big teams--was a real test for us, but the way we had to prepare for those teams is starting to pay off. Against the top teams in the country, we had to play 7-v-9 or 7-v-10 and had extra people in and that all helped us prepare. We have prepared for this. Even though we haven't actually done it before, the girls were prepared for it. Being such a young team, I am really proud of them and the way they handled the pressure so well, today."

    Haleigh Dalmass, Fr. M

    On her game-winning goal
    "Caroline [de Lyra] was challenging in, and I saw my defender turn away, and I just went to goal and Caroline made a great pass to me. She is a great, great feeder and she just made a great pass on that play."

    On the important of beating Oregon
    "I think it was really big for us just because we needed some confidence coming into this. We haven't really won any of our close games, this year, so it was big in terms of playing in the conference and getting everyone's confidence up. It let's us let everybody know that we're in this, too."

    On what the team needs to do to maintain its momentum
    "We just need to prepare for each team and play every game like it's our last game; really focus on putting together 60 solid minutes and work together as a team to make each other better."