Women's Lacrosse
    Postgame Quotes: USC-Marquette


    March 16, 2013

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    USC Head Coach Lindsey Munday

    On playing another first year program
    “It’s really great to play any competition. I think each team tests you in a different way, but it was fun to talk to the coach before the game about the similarities that we’ve been realizing this year as a first year program and laughing a bit about having a lot of young girls who haven’t played before.”

    On Caroline de Lyra’s six assists and Paige Bonomi’s six goals
    “Caroline [de Lyra] is a really great feeder and Paige [Bonomi] is really, really good in the middle, and they’re from the same area, they’re really good friends, so they really have a good connection. Paige is really, really talented in the middle, cutting inside and today, that’s where the openings were, so she had the opportunity to put them away.”

    On splitting the team’s first road series and splitting the first two, back home
    “I think our biggest thing is consistency, and right now, we do some really good things, and then sometimes, we take them away with a couple mistakes. Our goal as a coaching staff, and for the girls, is to be as consistent as we can throughout the course of a game and throughout the course of a season. Going into next week, we have two great opponents in Bryant and Brown and our goal is to play a full sixty minutes and focus on Bryant and learn from the mistakes we played, today, and hopefully be a little more consistent in our play.”

    On playing after the Seton Hill women’s lacrosse team’s fatal bus crash
    “It’s unbearable news to hear for that program; for that community. It puts things into perspective, aside from lacrosse, cherishing every day. Our hearts go out to that program and the people that were injured and the families of those who lost their lives.”

    Freshman Attack Paige Bonomi 

    On what it felt like to lose a game and win a game at home after playing two games on the road
    “It was definitely a struggle. We obviously knew that there were going to be hurdles that we would have to come over, but at the end of the day, we came together, we made it work on the field, and we played as one today, which we were really determined to do, so it worked in our favor.”

    On scoring six goals
    “If it wasn’t for a good save, or a good defensive play, or a good transition in midfield, no goal would happen on the offense, so really it was just awesome that we can make the connections on the field with each other and put the ball in the back of the net.”

    On what the highlight of the game
    “Probably at the beginning of the second half when we all just turned it on and we’re flipping the switch, we’re going to go out, we’re going to do this.” 

    Freshman Defense Courtney Tarleton

    On the highlight of the game
    “I think it was great how in the second half, we finally all came together. We’ve been working really hard the past two games to get that chemistry and I think for the last two minutes, it was definitely there.”

    On personally playing well against a first year program
    “It was cool to know they were all in the same position as us, so we just wanted to show how far our program has come and how we compare against another new program.”

    On Caroline de Lyra’s six assists and three goals
    “That was really good. I like when she is that generous. It’s awesome to see her score, but it’s great to see her pass the ball to everyone because everyone was getting goals off of her assists, so it’s always great to have her behind the goal.”