Women's Lacrosse
    Postgame Quotes: USC-Northwestern

    Feb. 9, 2013

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    USC Head Coach Lindsey Munday

    "It was really exciting to get this first game. You can never replicate that. These 26 players will go down in history. We did some nice things, today, but we have a lot to work on."

    "We are so appreciative that Northwestern came here. It showed our girls what the top of lacrosse is. I'm happy we competed. At the end of the day, we improved in the second half."

    "It was an awesome first goal. It was really special. No one can forget that."

    "We are so appreciative of everyone who came out. It's exciting for the sport of lacrosse. The sport is booming in Southern California."

    "This game is really going to help our girls. You can't get away with anything against Northwestern. It showed our girls that at times, we can compete with them."

    Freshman Amanda Johansen

    "It's never good to lose, but we are satisfied, in a way. It's a huge deal playing a team like Northwestern. Nobody knew how we'd play against Northwestern. Every goal we scored gave us the drive to do that, every play. We were so excited for this game. We put up five goals against Northwestern. That's awesome."

    "It was definitely the coolest day in my life. We're so thankful for what USC has done for us. It's special when you walk around campus and people cheer for us. It's great to be able to show California what lacrosse is all about."