Women's Golf
    Photos From Women's Golf Visit To Walter Reed Hospital And Washington D.C.

    Nov. 25, 2003

    The team visits with wounded veterans from the Iraq conflict

    Coach Gleason at Walter Reed Hospital

    Irene plants one on a defenseless FDR

    In front of the Iwo Jima Memorial

    At the Lincoln Memorial

    Anna with soldier from Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Veronica gets ready to drive the bus

    Steve Lopes, Coach Ausmus and Mikaela with wounded American soldier

    Rachel with a friend at Walter Reed Hospital

    Visiting with John Miguelez,CP. (white coat), who arranged the visit to Walter Reed

    Veronica, Stephanie and Seiko with a new USC fan

    Tanya, Rachel, Veronica and Allison visit with wounded soldier

    Irene, Veronica, Seiko and Stephanie with statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Seiko and Mikaela with soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital

    Coach Ausmus, Coach Gaston and Helaine Lopes visit a patient

    Coach Gaston and Mikaela with wounded soldier

    Coach Gaston, Coach Schuette and Coach Carrido pose with some soldiers