Women's Basketball
    Women of Troy Go Dancing In Virginia

    March 19, 2006

    (Photos by Sam Haythorn)

    Checked in at Virginia Beach

    Plan of Attack

    Chalk talk

    Coach Trakh lays it out


    Women of Troy have entered the building

    Saturday's practice at Old Dominion is underway

    Shay Murphy

    Derek gets a taste of Allie and Jamie's defensive medicine

    Coach Trakh

    Jody Wynn

    Ted Constant Convocation Center at Old Dominion

    Kai Felton

    You'll see more of this tomorrow

    The Trojans make themselves at home at ODU.

    Allie's sister is also playing in the tournament as Tulsa's senior captain.

    Kristen Travers drains a long one.

    Markisha Lea broke her arm earlier this week...

    ... which gives her plenty of time to keep shining in front of the cameras like she does on the court!