Men's Swimming & Diving
    Pac-10 Diving Championships

    Feb. 27, 1998

    February 26-28, 1998 * Mona Plummer Aquatic Center * Arizona State University

    Day One, February 26, 1998
    Southern California dominated the first day of competition at the 1998 Pac-10 Swimming and Diving Championships. The Trojans had the top finisher in the women's 1-meter (Dorte Lindner) and the men's 3-meter (Justin Dumais). Dumais' score of 611.45 set the new Pac-10 standard for 3-meter diving breaking the old record held by Brian Earley of USC set in 1994.

    Junior all-American Katrina Pfeuffer was the top finisher for Arizona State in the women's 1-meter with a score of 369.7 which put her in fifth place. Also placing for the Devils were senior Melissa Newman (306.4, 10th place) sophomore Mandy Contreras (305.55, 12th place) and freshman Maureen Bird (278.5, 19th place).

    On the men's side USC had four of the top eight finishers in the 3-meter competition while Arizona placed two of the top eight. For the Devils sophomore Allan Sonkin recorded a third-place finish of 426.0. In addition to Sonkin's finish, sophomore Ken Sabino and freshman Kevin Lilly also placed for the Devils with 12th- (317.45) and 13th- (315.45) place finishes respectively.

    Day Two, February 27, 1998
    The second day of diving mirrored its predecessor as Southern California divers enjoyed yet another record-breaking day.

    Once again Trojan Justin Dumais took center stage with the day's best performance, a first-place finish and Pac-10 benchmark of 576.0 in the men's 1-meter competition. The Trojans had two other divers -- Tim Allport (third, 420) and Shawn Schuessler (eighth, 368.2) -- who finished in the top eight.

    Like USC, Arizona had three divers who finished in the top eight, claiming fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-place.

    Arizona State was led by sophomore Allan Sonkin who was the Devils' top finisher for the second consecutive day. Sonkin finished fourth in the 1-meter dive with a score of 418.8. Other Sun Devil divers who competed were Ken Sabino (10th, 336.6), Scott Lemke (11th, 326.4) and Kevin Lilly (13th, 308.8).

    On the women's side, Trojan diver Dorte Lindner finish first with a Pac-10 record of 540.15 in the women's 3-meter dive. Right behind her was teammate Natasha Chikina, the 1-meter victor, who scored a 478.35.

    Stanford claimed the third-, fourth- and fifth-place spots.

    Arizona State had one diver in the final eight for the second straight day. Once again it was junior all-American Katrina Pfeuffer, finishing with an eighth-place score of 414.4.

    Joining Pfeuffer were Sun Devil teammates Melissa Newman (10th, 377.6), Mandy Contreras (12th, 355.95) and Molly Bird (19th, 325.0).

    The championships conclude with the men's and women's platform competition on Saturday.

    1998 Pacific-10 Conference Diving Championships
    February 26-28, 1998 * Mona Plummer Aquatic Center * Arizona State University

    February 26
    Men's  3-Meter Preliminaries
            Diver               School          Score
        1.  Justin Dumais       USC             593.6
        2.  Lucas Brower        Stanford        470.55
        3.  Gamal Jones         Arizona         403.75
        4.  Shawn Schuessler    USC             398.8
        5.  Allan Sonkin        Arizona State   388.65
        6.  Tim Allport         USC             385.75
        7.  Danny Zimmerman     Arizona         359.3
        8.  Ben Stiefel         USC             344.95
        9.  Arno Bergstrom      Arizona         339.85
        10. Scot Lemke          ASU             328.25
        11. Joe Kocal           California      319.2
    12. Ken Sabino              Arizona State   317.45
    13. Kevin Lilly             Arizona State   315.45
        14. Mark Michelin       Stanford        315.25
        15. Joe Young           California      243.55
    Men's 3-Meter Finals
            Diver               School          Score
        1.  ***Justin Dumais    USC             611.45
        2.  Lucas Brower        Stanford        484.45
        3.  Allan Sonkin        ASU             426.0
        4.  Shawn Schuessler    USC             422.25
        5.  Gamal Jones         Arizona         410.7
        6.  Tim Allport         USC             399.8
        7.  Danny Zimmerman     Arizona         382.5
        8.  Ben Stiefel         USC             357.85
    ***Pac-10 Record