Feb. 27, 1997

    Pac-10 Diving Championships, Day One

    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - The University of Arizona men's diving team took three of the top four spots today on the 3-meter springboard at the Pac-10 Diving Championships in Federal Way, Wash.

    Wildcat newcomer Jimmy Sjodin won the 3-meter springboard with 570.95 points and Kevin Francis finished 2nd with 459.00 points. Danny Zimmerman was fourth with 437.25 points. Southern California's Tim Allport finished third (446.30) to break the possible Wildcat sweep.

    Competition resumes tomorrow. Preliminaries are held in the morning and the finals take place in the afternoon and evening. The meet concludes on Saturday.

    Individual Results
    1.  Jimmy Sjodin       Arizona     570.95
    2.  Kevin Francis      Arizona     459.00
    3.  Tim Allport        USC         446.30
    4.  Danny Zimmerman    Arizona     437.27
    5.  Justin Eck         ASU         415.90
    6.  Andrew Harper      Stanford    393.20
    7.  Mark Michelin      Stanford    372.95
    8.  Ben Stiefel        USC         369.70
    9.  Alan Sonkin        ASU         362.95
    10. Scott Lemke        ASU         349.15
    11. Joe Kocal          California  332.65
    12. Joel Berry         ASU         312.45
    13. Todd Brenneman     ASU         305.05
    14. Ken Sabino         ASU         295.05