Sportsmanship Counts On And Off The Field

    Pat Haden
    Nov. 17, 2014

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    An open letter to the USC and UCLA Communities:

    The 84th meeting between UCLA and USC on the gridiron this Saturday, November 22, renews one of college sports' greatest annual traditions. The crosstown rivalry between our two universities, particularly in the week leading up to the UCLA-USC football game, is unique in that we are both part of the same Los Angeles community.

    While we all eagerly anticipate the showdown between our teams on the field, at the same time, we want to make sure that our fans create an enjoyable, safe and respectful atmosphere for everyone in attendance. Ours is a rivalry that should be celebrated with class and graciousness, both in victory and in defeat.

    The well-being of everyone in attendance this Saturday is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we will significantly increase the police and security presence for this game. You will also notice an increase in staffing and patrols as we coordinate efforts with local, state and federal agencies to ensure the safety of everyone visiting the Rose Bowl.

    Year-in, year-out, the message remains the same. Please remember that respecting those around you demonstrates respect for yourself and for your university. While you alone are responsible for your actions, you can also set a positive example for others.

    Sportsmanship is every bit as important off the field as on.

    If you observe a potential problem or need assistance of any kind on Saturday, please notify the closest Rose Bowl staff member or contact Game Management by texting (626) 400-5119 or calling (626) 397-4141.

    This crosstown rivalry brings out the best in both teams, and we are confident that it will bring out the best in our fans as well. Thank you for your tremendous support over the years and for doing your part to make this year's game one to remember for everyone in attendance.

    Patrick C. Haden USC Director of Athletics Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics' Chair

    Dan Guerrero UCLA Director of Athletics