Post Game Quotes - USC vs. Stanford

    Oct. 29, 2011

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    Stanford Coach David Shaw
    "Wow. Wow. I tell you what, our guys fight. They just kept fighting. We were sloppy to have 11 penalties against us and a couple against them. That's hard for us to deal with. We've got to go back and get some stuff cleaned up ... USC has a lot of playmakers. Robert Woods, I know he wasn't healthy, but the kid is a fighter and made some unbelievable plays for a guy who's probably 75, 80%.

    "We put the ball in our quarterback's hands and the kid comes through. He made the right run checks, the right pass checks. He made one bad play. He missed a throw, an interception for a touchdown. He was so upset, for about 45 seconds and then he flushed it. And then moved on and made the plays to help us win the game ... We talk about fighting adversity. I didn't know it would be this much adversity. But the kids fought threw it and I love them to death for it."

    (On LB A.J. Tarpley)
    "The kid was everywhere. The things we saw when we recruited him - you could say what he doesn't have - but he finds a way to get to the ball. He has a nose for the ball. He avoids blockers and finds a way to make a tackle. The ball's on the ground, he finds a way to get to the ball. He gets off blocks and gets to the ball."

    (On if he said something to Luck after the interception)
    "One thing you can't forget about Andrew is that he's the most competitive guy on the team. So when a bad play happens, he goes completely down in the dumps. He's so mad and furious and then it's like flushing a toilet. He flushed it and it's like it never happened. It's gone. And he came back and the look in his eye... He said, we're going to get this done. He was so mad at himself, he was not going to let that play lose the game for us.

    (On the defensive performance)
    "I don't know what the average would be, because some was really good and some was not really good. The resiliency we showed was the key."

    "Matt Barkley, he didn't have the big numbers, but he stood in the pocket and we hit him, we hit him, we hit him, and he stood and took it and stroked some great throws tonight. "

    Stanford QB Andrew Luck
    "We were resilient. The guys believed in each other. It's really a great group of guys.

    (On his interception)
    "I was very disappointed in myself. There were a couple seconds there when I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself. But the guys believed in me. I was happy there was still some time on the play clock to go down there again. I was just relieved there was more clock left.

    Stanford FS Michael Thomas
    "We always have faith in our offense. We knew, after the pick-six, the offense will have to stand up and make a play. I never once doubted that they would come back and score. We see them make plays all the time. There was plenty of time on the clock. There was just a little bit of adversity.

    Stanford DE Ben Gardner
    "We always talk about how adversity is an opportunity for greatness. It was really our first chance to show our mettle and show what we're made of. We got behind of but never lost faith. We have a lot of faith in our offense. As a defense, it was a struggle for us, but fortunately, when it came down to it, we made a play.

    Stanford WR Griff Whalen
    (On the reaction of trailing by 10 points)

    "I think it was pretty positive. We weren't surprised. We knew USC was a good team. So we just kept a good mentality. Andrew was walking around keeping the guys up, telling us to stay the course and do our jobs and that's what we did ... We're not looking at the scoreboard as the game's on. We're just playing."

    Stanford LB A.J. Tarpley
    "It was a helluva ballgame. The teams battled all the way through. In a place like this, we knew it would be a tough game. I don't know if you can credit the defense too much. We just gave up 50 points."

    (On his interception)
    "I was just playing off my man and he just so happened to throw it my way. Any of our linebackers could do that."