Arizona at USC Postgame Quotes

    Oct. 11, 2013

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    USC 38, Arizona 31
    Los Angeles Coliseum
    October 10, 2013

    USC Postgame Quotes

    Head Coach Ed Orgeron
    Opening Statement...
    "I am really proud of our team, the way they came out. They came out and started fast and I am really proud of the coaching staff and leadership of our team. The locker room was very happy and excited. I am happy with the overall effort of our team."

    On the players seeming happy for him...
    "I think it is nice of them. This isn't about anything I do, it's about them. We set out one game at a time. Our coaching staff did a great job. Everyone stayed together and fought through adversity."

    On coaching today's game...
    "I had a blast. I woke up happy for the first time in my life today. And I am not a happy guy, but I was happy."

    On the play of the offensive line...
    "We started challenging the offensive line two weeks ago, to be nasty and physical. That was critical for us in the end. Marcus Allen came by and talked about what it means to be on the offensive line."

    On the play of Ty Issac...
    "We have seen at practice, Ty Issac is a tremendous young freshman. We want to go out and get big, strong running back. I was very pleased to see Ty out there today, the way he ran."

    On the secondary...
    "There were some concerns, seems like some easy drives there where we did not play very well. We will make some changes, personnel, fix things."

    On the play of JR Tavai...
    "JR has been one of our better players. He's very elusive- has good hands, good hips. He had one tremendous game. He has been behind Leonard and George, but we moved him to the 'J' position."

    On doing activities for the team...
    "It's about the overall concept that 'we care about the team.' We can do everything we possibly can for them within the NCAA rules to make them feel like champions. Started working really early, simplified the game plan. That gave the opportunity for coaches to come back fresh and have energy. We tried to give the players a feeling of what it was like here under Coach Carroll. We did some motivational things that I thought were very good. I have to give the credit to these players, they really bought in."

    On any mistakes he made tonight...
    "I am sure when we look at the tape we will wish that we did this or did that. But we have no regrets, we went after it as hard as we could."

    On injured players returning for the Notre Dame game...
    "Yes, I won't know until Sunday. Saturday we will have off. Tomorrow I am going out recruiting and then on Sunday we will start going again."

    Sophomore wide receiver Nelson Agholor
    On his first touchdown catch...
    "I thought it was a great throw by Cody [Kessler]. The coaches called a great play."

    On being more involved...
    "I just want to do what the team wants me to do to win. If I was able to catch three passes, seven passes, it doesn't matter."

    Redshirt sophomore quarterback Cody Kessler
    On his 34 yard-run, longest since Carson Palmer in 2001...
    "We knew on third down we get a lot of man. I saw a seam and I took off. I was actually a little disappointed, I thought the guy was closer when I ran out of bounds. Looking at the replay, I realized I probably could have kept running. It was nice though, sometimes that happens."

    On having a different playcaller in Coach Helton...
    "Some people thought it may be different, but Coach Helton, and Matt Barkley taught me the offense. I spend so much time with Coach Helton. Overall I love the game that Coach Helton called. It allowed us to play fast, a lot of shifts and motion."

    On the return of Silas Redd...
    It was great to have him on the field. He is always the guy in the locker room getting the team pumped up. He is definitely a guy I want to model after."

    On the addition of Coach O as head coach...
    "You want a coach that you would go to war for every time. And this guy here to my right, and I don't just speak for myself, we would go to war for him. When you can not only see but feel how much he loves us, we would go to war for him."

    Redshirt Junior linebacker Hayes Pullard
    On the new pregame ritual...
    "It's a great feeling. The team that prays together stays together. We are one big family and we wanted to bring the parents in and all pray and let us know we are all together. Coach O emphasized that we are a unit, so it was great to bring everyone together."

    On the addition of Coach O as head coach...
    "We love Coach O like a dad. We love him and look up to him. He told us to have an 'A' game season and take it one step at a time."

    Arizona Postgame Quotes

    Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez
    "On that last drive, we saw the same thing you guys saw. Everyone knew they were going to run the ball. They were running to the short side with great success all game. We didn't get off the blocks and we didn't tackle. But give them credit. They've got some big guys up front and their backs ran hard and they executed.

    "And give Lane Kiffin credit. Lane recruited those guys and their talented and they played hard. But we didn't execute at times, missed some coverages and some opportunities. I know we will be sick when we watch the film.

    (On deciding to kick off after their final score)
    "Our guys are pretty resilient. I thought we had plenty of time. I thought about an onside kick but with a couple timeouts and them playing the onside kick, I thought if things worked out, we could pin them deep and get a stop with a few minutes and we'd be in great shape."

    "B.J. (Denker) missed some things in the first half but the guys started making plays. B.J. can make the throws. When we have our tempo going and we are pitching and catching, we can move the ball.

    "Our tackling was poor today. It had been good all year. And we didn't do a good job getting off of blocks."

    "They probably threw a little more early (than they had been). And with Lee out we knew 15 (Nelson Agholor) would be the guy. He was targeted a bunch of times and they executed well. But some were too easy. Guys were running wide open and that shouldn't happen. We didn't play as well as we could on defense."

    Arizona QB B.J. Denker
    (On the difference in the improved offense late)
    "It was 100% tempo. If we had the tempo and pace in the first and second quarters that we had late in the third and the fourth, it would have been a different game.

    "I got comfortable and got in a rhythm. I felt like they were gassed, especially their front four. And you could see what they were going to do when they were so tired. They have to line up a certain way and they showed their hand early. It was all about tempo and all about them and their conditioning and we pushed the pace.

    "The passing game was a little more open because they were stopping the run. But Ka'Deem is so essential. We have to get him going. It all starts with our offensive line and Ka'Deem."

    (On their state of mind after their final score)
    "It's not over yet. That's what I was telling everyone. We just wanted the ball back one more time. I felt we could do something special and send it into overtime, but we ran out of time.

    Arizona LB Marquis Flowers
    (On USC's final drive)
    "It just came down to executing and we didn't. On that last play, I'll take that. I should have made the play. It will hurt to watch the film.

    "Obviously, we waited too late to get going. Give USC credit. They played hard and executed and we ran out of time.

    "We made mistakes and they saw the mistakes we made. It just takes one person. The quarterback did a good job and we made some mistakes against the run."