Post Game Quotes

    Oct. 11, 2003

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    USC Coach Pete Carroll

    "Historically, there was some stuff going on. The university got its 700th win. I'm glad to have something to do with it (the history), though in a small way. It was nice to contribute.

    "I think we are back in a big way. We made some big plays on offense, all over the field. I thought Leinart's effort was very good. The protection was excellent. That was a great effort by him and the offense.

    "I really like the way LenDale ran and Hershel may have had his best night. White made a great individual effort on his first touchdown run.

    "(Tight end) Dominique Byrd got hurt, which is a tragedy. He had been doing so well. He'll be out for a while and we'll miss him.

    "We're looking forward to our next matchup against Notre Dame. It's a fun trip and we look forward to it.

    "Mike Williams had a beautiful night. He did a nice job getting open. He continues to make things happened. He took a bubble screen and shook a tackle and made about 25 yards. He's a fantastic football player.

    "John David Booty is a really good football player. If Matt was to falter or get nicked, he'd go in. Somewhere down the stretch, he may have to make some big plays for us. I have no doubt that he'll do it, too."

    USC Wide Receiver Mike Williams

    (On whether there was a concerted effort to get him in the endzone)
    "We didn't have any set up plays. We just went out and executed. Matt (Leinart) was smoking all night and we were running well. Myself and Keary (Colbert) just made our plays when we could. The balance helped us more than anything in us being able to pass the ball."



    (On Matt Leinart)

    "We all know that he's our quarterback. As long as the guys in the locker room have confdence in him, then that's all that matters. The guys play hard for him. We take it personally when he gets hit."

    USC Defensive End Kenechi Udeze

    "I thought that all four of us (the defensive line) did a good job to get to the quarterback. The secondary gave us a step and I was fortunate enough to get there. I was just fortunate enough to get to the quarterback and I really thank my team for that.

    "In the past, we didn't get started until the second half, so we wanted to get a quick start and that's what we did. We wanted to get out there and set a tempo."

    Stanford Coach Buddy Teevens

    "We played a very good team today. They were excellent in all facets. They did a great job offensively and played solid on defense and outplayed us in the first 30 minutes. We challenged the team at the half and they responded and we played better in all areas. But it was too little, too late. We'll take it as a learning experience.

    "I put (QB) Chris (Lewis) in to give him an opportunity to get on the field and get some snaps. I told him to play your game and don't try to do anything special and he did some positive things. Trent (Edwards) is still the No. 1 guy right now.

    "(USC) mixed up some formations and schemed a bit. We expected them to run aggressively. Their backs ran well and their quarterback played well. He didn't seem inhibited by his injuries. The line protected him well."

    Re: Mike Wiiliams
    "We were very aware of him. He's a game-breaking type of guy. He can catch the ball and run over you. They ran well and we didn't tackle as well as we could have. Their big guy (LenDale White) is a tough guy to bring down.

    "USC's defensive line is as good of a front for as we'll face. They're quick off of the ball and are good rushers. They're everything we thought they'd be."