David Davis
    David  Davis

    RS Senior


    High School:
    Bishop Montgomery

    Last College:
    El Camino JC

    Height / Weight:
    5-11 / 160




    Davis, a senior, returns in 2002 as one of the nation's top placekickers. However, when he struggled after the first 3 games of 2002, he was replaced by Ryan Killen and didn't see any more action (except for kicking off once against Washington). Overall in 2002, he hit 1-of-3 field goals and 7-of-10 PATs. He made a 37-yard field goal and all 3 of his PATs against Auburn. He had 3 of his kicks blocked. He sprained his left knee prior to the Washington State and was not available for that contest. Prior to 2002 spring drills, he had arthroscopic surgery to remove a bone chip in his right ankle.

    Davis, who had an impressive showing in camp upon arriving at USC in the fall of 2001 from a junior college and then continued that way throughout the season, was the Pac-10's most accurate field goal kicker (83.3%) as a junior. He hit 15-of-18 field goals, including 12 consecutive and 15 of his last 17. He tied for 17th nationally in field goals (1.4, first in Pac-10). He also made 31-of-34 PATs. And he had a 3-yard TD run on a fake field goal. He made the 2001 Football News All-American honorable mention and All-Pac-10 honorable mention squads. He made all 3 of his PAT tries in his Trojan debut in the San Jose State opener, then in his only off outing of 2001 he came up short on a 42-yard field goal try and had his PAT kick blocked against Kansas State. He bounced back to hit all 3 of his field goal tries (the first of his career)-32, 43 and 39 yards-and his PAT at Oregon. Against Stanford, he connected on a 41-yard field goal (he missed a 26-yarder) and his only PAT try, then hit his only field goal try (a 40-yarder) and all 3 of his PATs at Washington. Against Arizona State, he nailed both of his field goal attempts (36 and 29 yards), plus all 6 of his PATs, then hit an 18-yard field goal and made 1 of his 2 PATs (his miss was wide left) at Notre Dame. He made 2 field goals (32 yards and a career-long 47-yarder) and all 5 PATs at Arizona, then hit his only field goal try (30 yards) and his PAT attempt against Oregon State. At California, Davis not only hit both of his field goals (33 and 26 yards) and all 7 PATs, but he had a 3-yard TD run on a fake field goal (on a flip from holder Mike MacGillivray). He made a pair of 20-yard field goals and all 3 of his PATs (including a 35-yarder because of penalty) against UCLA. He missed his only field goal and PAT tries against Utah (snapping a streak of 12 consecutive successful field goals).

    He was a 2000 J.C. Grid-Wire All-American second team and J.C. Athletic Bureau All-State Region IV first team pick as a sophomore placekicker at El Camino Junior College in Torrance (Calif.). He hit 11-of-15 field goals and 29-of-31 PATs for 62 points in 2000. As a 1999 redshirt freshman at El Camino, he made 6-of-11 field goals and all 47 of his PATs for 65 points. He also played soccer in 1998 as a freshman at El Camino. Current Trojan Sunny Byrd also attended El Camino.

    He prepped at Bishop Montgomery High in Torrance (Calif.), where he played football (placekicker and wide receiver as a 1997 senior), soccer and baseball. He earned 1997 All-Mission Conference honors in football. Current Trojan Eric Torres also prepped at Bishop Montgomery.

    He is a left-footed kicker. His personal kicking coach is Joe Furlow, a placekicker at San Jose State in the mid-1990s. He is a health promotion major at USC. He wants to be a firefighter and paramedic; in fact, while in junior college, he became certified as an emergency medical technician when he worked 2 years as a fire explorer at an Inglewood fire station and with a Los Angeles ambulance company.

    His demeanor: "I try to keep an even keel. If I can forget the bad, I can forget the good." The transition from

    "I just came out here with what I was taught in junior college and did my best." His unique kicking style (on his approach he kicks his knee high and takes a long first step): "My kicking coach, Joe Furlow, emphasized that the first step on my approach should be a big first step. By getting my knee up high like that, it allows me to get my foot out there. When I'm back there waiting for the kick, I tell myself, 'Big first step!' and that gets me into my technique." Working with firefighters and paramedics: "I learned that composure is the defining characteristic. When you see the stuff that you see, you have to have a good mind, body and spirit and make the right decisions in those situations. You can't take it personally?Just the fact that I was part of saving people's lives was great. It felt good to help them. But doing what I did, there's a lot of pressure. All eyes are on you?It puts everything in perspective and you see that this is something that can happen to your family. You see that it's not just about football and school. It's about God and family. School's important, but there are bigger things?I really enjoy playing football and I'd love to keep doing it. But I think I was meant to do something else in the long run."

    USC special teams coordinator Kennedy Pola: "I looked at him and couldn't believe how skinny he was, but he's got a great leg?David didn't disappoint us. We knew he would be accurate, but what surprised us is he has a stronger leg than we thought?Mentally, there aren't any highs and lows with him. He's steady all the way." Former USC placekicker David Newbury: "David is very consistent and he has a great temperament. He's a great person and a really good kicker." Joe Furlow, his personal kicking coach: "He's really low-key. He's not one to panic?Mentally, nothing fazes him. He's really strong, which you need as a placekicker. And he works really hard."

    2001 (Jr.)? 18 1547 34 31 1 3 3.0 1 3
    2002 (Sr.)? 3 137 10 7 0 0 0.0 0 0
    CAREER??. 21 1647 44 38 1 3 3.0 1 3
    Auburn 1-137-- 3-3
    Colorado 0-1--38 BK 4-6 (BK, WR)
    Kansas State 0-1--30 WR 0-1 (BK)
    2002 (Sr.)? 1-3---- 7-10
    San Jose St. 0-0---- 3-3
    Kansas State 0-1--42 SH 0-1 (BK)
    Oregon 3-332, 43, 39-- 1-1
    Stanford 1-24126 WR 1-1
    Washington 1-140-- 3-3
    Arizona State 2-236, 29-- 6-6
    Notre Dame 1-118-- 1-2 (WL)
    Arizona 2-232, 47-- 5-5
    Oregon State 1-130-- 1-1
    California 2-233, 26-- 7-7
    UCLA 2-220, 20-- 3-3
    Utah (Vegas) 0-1--47 WL 0-1 (WR)
    2001 (Jr.)? 15-18---- 31-34