Men's Basketball

    Dec. 1, 1997

    USC COACH HENRY BIBBY - Dec. 1, 1997

    (On the San Diego State win) We took the win and went home. That's what we did. We were happy to get out of a game like that with a win. It could have gone either way. The last three games could have went either way. I have to give the kids credit. They showed character and dug a little deeper to come up with these wins.

    We have outside guys playing inside with Jarvis Turner, Greg Lakey and Shannon Swillis. All of them probably came here to play small forward, but we've got them at power forward. We're still trying to find a niche for them and what these guys can do. We'll try to put them in a role where they can be successful ... Everybody needs to make adjustments. Everybody needs to figure out where they fit in.

    (On UNLV) They're so deep. I'm glad we're not going to see those three players that aren't playing. Nesby is a pro. We recruited Greedy Daniels and he's one of the top guards in the nation. Dickel does unbelievable things with the ball. He's had a great improvement from last year. We recruited Kambala also and he's a man as a freshman. Ausborne has improved from last year. I'm glad we're catching them with three players that won't be there.

    (On Lakey, Swillis) They have to be more aggressive. They're too passive inside. They let the action come to them. I use the analogy of an actor. Once you step on the court, you have to be a different person. Shannon Swillis is a nice, quiet guy. He has to put on a different face and play a new role. His whole persona has to change. Once it changes, he'll be a very good player in the Pac-10. (More on Swillis) If he has shots inside, he needs to take them. Shannon Swillis has never really been an offensive player around the basket, he's probably been more of a perimeter player. When he gets the ball in a position to score, he has to score. He has a good shot. He needs to be more offensive- minded. (More on Lakey) He's a freshman and it takes a while for freshmen to adjust. He's going to be a very good player. He's pressing a little bit.

    (On the offense compared to last year) It's better than it has been in the past. We didn't run our offense much last year because it broke down. This year we're trying to do the offense better. We're not fundamentally sound and we're inexperienced. We're still learning what to do. We have to play our offense and defense with a purpose. There's an organization to everything that we do.

    (On Kevin Augustine) He's trying to work through his layoff. He said he felt good at San Diego State and he looked more aggressive. He can break out and be more offensive-minded. I've given him the green light. He's been injured a lot so that hasn't helped. He plays so hard and that probably leads to his injuries.

    (On Elias Ayuso coming off the bench at SDSU) I'm sure it will be a different lineup tomorrow. His attitude (at practice) was not what we wanted. We deal in life skills here, not just basketball. We try to help them grow into better citizens. He's a great kid, maybe it just wasn't his day. Maybe it wasn't my day either. Basketball is about consistency and we have to have guys who will be consistent.

    (On Adam Spanich) He's helped us a lot in these five games. He's been very consistent. I can depend on him. We need consistency and we have to know who's going to be there every night. He's been there every night. He's one of the best shooters I've ever been involved with. He has a quick release. He's been very good for us. Once we get Ayuso on the same page we'll have two guys like that who can shoot the basketball, as well as Ken Sims.

    (On outside shooting) We will not become a perimeter team. We have to position our options inside and have to get those guys to score. We have to do more than just dribble and shoot. Lakey is one of our best post-up players so we have to get him the ball and we have to get him so that he's not as anxious. Catch the ball, locate the defense and make your move. It's that simple.