Men's Basketball

    Nov. 24, 1997

    Henry Bibby
    Head coach Henry Bibby. (file photo)

    USC Coach Henry Bibby Notes and Quotes

    (On UC Santa Barbara) It's a game we need to win because we're trying to set the stage for what we want to do in the Pac-10. Every game is a new game and it's a learning experience for me and our players. We're still trying to figure out how this team fits together. We haven't seen this team play a lot. We're still putting people into the right position.

    (On power forward and center) We have three guys (Greg Lakey, Jarvis Turner and Shannon Swillis) who will rotate at the 4 and 5. If one of them gets into foul trouble, we'll go a little smaller and put Gary Williams there. But those are our three guys up front and they'll play the minutes. They have to come out and perform.

    (On Jeff Trepagnier only playing eight minutes) We can't play everybody. We have 11 guys who can play and one or two might not get the minutes. Over the course of the year, guys like Jeff have to stay ready. He might play a lot of minutes on Tuesday.

    (On Kevin Augustine's status) He should play tomorrow. He practiced yesterday and still had some problems with dizziness, but he's been OKed by the doctors. They don't know what it is, but they can't find anything wrong so they don't think it's a problem. If it continues, they'll do some more extensive tests. He makes us better. After Gary Johnson, there's Ken Sims and he's not a real point guard. We're better with a legitimate point guard in there.

    (On small forward) Adam Spanich and Gary Williams can play at the same time if we go smaller. Gary could play the 2 while Adam plays the 3. They'll usually play at different times. Adam is an offensive player while Gary is a better rebounder and more physical. That's why I like Gary at the 3. Last year he was a real team player at power forward. He bought the team time until I put Jaha Wilson in the game. Adam brings another dimension when he comes in. That's what I look for our subs to do.

    (On injuries) We haven't had as much conditioning because we haven't had the bodies to get up and down the floor. I've been leery of scrimmaging because I didn't want anyone else to get hurt. We have to prevent guys from getting injured.

    (On where the team is now) I feel we're behind. We have so many new, inexperienced players. It's matter of reviewing and repeating everything. They should catch on so we can go to the next stage. They haven't done that yet. Down the road, we will get better.

    (On Greg Lakey) He's going to have to be tough because we really need him. He was our best player in preseason camp, especially rebounding the basketball. He's just trying to do too many things right now. We need him to play and we need him to rebound. I want to try and build his confidence. He's trying to leak out on the fast break and we need him to rebound, that'll make us a better team. He is a freshman and I expect a lot out of him, but because he's a freshman we're hoping he makes some steps forward.

    (On stopping UCSB's Raymond Tutt) I follow John Wooden's philosophy, I'm more concerned with our team. I'm concerned with how we're doing and where we are. That all helps us when we play Tutt. I don't think one guy can beat us, maybe he can, but we'll play with our game plan.