The Trojan GEAR Initiative

    Each year our Trojan athletic teams accrue a high volume of equipment, clothing and promotional materials in their quests for a national championship. At the end of every season, our locker rooms brim with used materials which will be replaced. A need for all types of sporting equipment has been expressed by the schools in our local community and these requests prompted us to create the Trojan GEAR Initiative (Giving Equipment And Resources). This donation effort delivers our leftover equipment to the Los Angeles organizations that need it most in order to promote healthy living, champion the value of sport and invite our community into the Trojan family.


    Local schools express an immense need for various materials. All types of equipment and resource donations are accepted, including:
    • Balls and Game Materials
    • Tennis Shoes and Cleats
    • Rackets, Clubs or Bats
    • Pads and Protective Gear
    • Team Clothing
    • Promotional Materials (Posters, Give-Aways)


    In order to ensure compliance with NCAA bylaws, all donations will be approved by Matt Ackels, Community Outreach Director, and Joyce Bell, Director of Compliance. Important restrictions include (1) no donation may be made to high schools, and (2) equipment can't be used to generate revenue by the organization via sale or any other means. Please forward any donation requests to

    For Coaches:
    Many teams already have a donation system in place, and in that case we wish to continue the existing partnership. Simply alert the Community Outreach program of your donation via the "Team Donation Form" so that your contribution can be documented. If you have extra gear that you would like to donate, but do not have a recipient organization, simply contact the Community Outreach program to have your materials picked up and delivered to a group in need.

    For Community Organizations:
    To request materials from our GEAR Initiative, community organizations must complete the online "Donation Request Form," which will place their group on a potential recipient list.

    Funded by The Otis Booth Community Outreach Endowment for USC Athletics