Girls PLAY

    USC Athletics' Girls PLAY program empowers young women at local middle schools through positive messages from our female athletes. Each year, we host five Girls PLAY sessions in conjunction with our women's sporting events. These sessions bring between 400 - 500 middle school girls on campus to see one of our teams in action. Before the game, the girls attend an educational pep talk with the team, where they discuss topics of health, body image and social pressure. Next, the girls are led on a tour of campus by the athletes as a way to build an understanding of the college environment. After enjoying a healthy lunch, the attendees root on the Women of Troy during an exciting competition of Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse, or Water Polo. The day concludes with a post-game autograph session and final words of encouragement from the coaches. With this program we hope that the presence of a strong, goal-driven female mentor will encourage self-esteem, healthy choices and college expectations in local adolescents.

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    Funded by the generous donations of Luis Armona