Furnishing the Family

    Guadalupe Lopez of 32nd Street School selects an item to brighten her office.

    Feb. 5, 2014

    When the USC Athletic Department staff returned to their home in Heritage Hall, they left behind an abundance of furniture at the University Village. There were no better recipients for these gently used pieces than local elementary schools, including Vermont Elementary, Science Center School, John Mack Elementary, Norwood Elementary, and 32nd Street School.

    Last week, the University Village doors were opened to appreciative representatives from the five neighboring schools who claimed items that would greatly benefit their campuses.

    "We were able to select some much needed furniture for our staff lounge, parent center, and offices," said Patricia Ferguson, principal of Vermont Elementary School.

    The school representatives perused the unoccupied office spaces and expressed their deep gratitude for USC Athletics. "Our school's funds that would have been spent to purchase this furniture can be reallocated to fund classroom materials for the students," said Ezequiel Gonzalez, principal of 32nd Street School. "USC's generosity is greatly appreciated and allows us to continue providing our staff and students with a quality environment."

    In total, more than 150 items were donated and transported to the various campuses by USC's movers. Among the items donated were desks, file cabinets, drawers, tables, bookshelves, storage shelving, corkboards, whiteboards, couches, chairs and even some decorative plants.

    The donations, facilitated by Hatcher Parnell and Todd Davis of USC Athletics Game Management, represent the latest in a strong partnership between the Trojans and the Family of Schools. Through the SCORE Initiative, the Girls PLAY program, and several other events, Athletics will continue to support local education.