Anthony Neyer Springs to Action for Local Youth

    D.J. Haley of Men's Basketball coaches kids around Loker Stadium.

    April 23, 2014

    While the USC Football Spring Game attracted a lot of attention on the field, 200 young fans received attention off it.

    Led by Trojan Quarterback Anthony Neyer, eight USC athletes held a sports clinic for local youth before the Spring Game this past Saturday. This first annual installment of "Spring to Action" was created to expose young fans to the dedication and diversity of USC athletes.

    "USC has given me so much. The opportunities I've had as a student-athlete at USC and the people I have met here have been extremely impactful on my life," said Neyer. "Showing children what is in their own backyard is inspiring to me."

    Neyer, who has been working tirelessly to put build the event throughout this semester, was joined by athletes from Women's Track, Men's and Women's Swimming, and Men's Basketball. Jackie Dion, Andrea Kropp, Jamie Christy, Lolo Blair, Mike Godbe, D.J. Haley, and Lucy Worrall all donated a portion of their weekend to help.

    The kids began their day by taking athlete-led tours of Heritage Hall and the McKay Center, where their tour guides stressed the importance of balance between training and schoolwork.

    "The tour was to show these children what they can achieve if they stay committed to their education while also giving them an opportunity to spend time with USC athletes", said Neyer.

    After the tours, the kids participated in fun clinics led by the student-athletes, with different sports being taught at various athletic facilities. The athletes led drills on the fields, while emphasizing the necessity of focusing on grades in order to play sports in college.

    The visitors ate lunch at Heritage Hall. With new energy, and a new poster, the young athletes then watched the Spring Game and participated in activities at the Coliseum.

    The impact of the day was felt by all involved, not only the young visitors.

    "Because of today, my son has said he is committed to working hard enough and attending USC," said one parent. "Now I have set the goal of saving enough money to give him that opportunity."



    Neyer hopes to transform this into an annual event, one that will make an impact on young football players, their families, and student-athletes for years to come. "I would love to come back to campus in twenty years to be part of Spring to Action 2034," he said. "Not every child will hold on to this experience, but one will. One or two of those kids will put a picture of USC's campus in their room, look at it every day, and work to make it happen for themselves. That's what this is all about."

    USC Football will kick-off their regular season on August 30th against the Fresno State Bulldogs, and the Community Outreach Program will continue inspiring local children through visits to the historic Coliseum.