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    Eva Orban Prepares For the 2012 Olympics

    Eva Orban (2006-09) is the USC record-holder in the hammer throw.

    Feb. 22, 2012

    Olympic Spotlight: Eva Orban

    Name: Eva Orban

    Age: 28

    Hometown: Papa Veszprem, Hungary

    Event: Hammer

    Resume: Hungarian National Record Holder (71.33m); 2008 NCAA Champion (USC)

    Q.) How are you preparing differently for the summer games in London than you did for Beijing or Athens?

    This is the first year that I do not have to balance throwing and doing well in school. I can only focus on the hammer. In 2004, I had just graduated from high school, so I did not really have time to focus on hammer until June because of finals. In 2008, I was still in school as well. So this is the first year when I can solely focus on track, and I really enjoy it and can't wait to see the outcome of my hard work.

    Q.) What is life like at the Olympic Village?

    It looks like a small town, where you can do a lot of things during your spare time. During the day it gets very busy as everybody goes back and forth to the stadium, but at night it gets really quiet.

    Q.) How do you deal with the pressure of being the Hungarian national record holder as you prepare for the summer games?

    Fortunately, I have an amazing coach (Dan Lange) who helps me deal with the pressure. It's all about understanding the pressure is there, but not thinking about it or worrying about it. All I have to do is worry about throwing and hopefully the results will come.

    Q.) Where is your favorite place to compete in the world? Why?

    If I had to pick one, it would be Olympic Stadium in Berlin. There are some places that I like the feel of the ring better, and some where I like the atmosphere. But mostly I like the places where I threw well, and Berlin has been good to me!



    Q.) Is there anyone you have admired during your career as a hammer thrower that has helped you become this successful?

    When I was young, I looked up to Balazs Kiss, former USC hammer thrower, who won 4 consecutive NCAA Championships, and who won the Olympic gold medal in 1996.