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    Laszlo Tabori
    Laszlo  Tabori

    Distances Coach

    Famed distance great Lazlo Tabari works with the USC men's distance runners. He also works with the Men of Troy distance running club team.

    Tabari has a wealth of experience to share with the Trojans. After all, he was the third man to break the four-minute barrier in the mile. He did so on May 28th, 1955, joining Roger Bannister and John Landy in that elite group.

    Laszlo's coaching methods are well founded. Trained himself b the great middle distance Hungarian coach Mihaly Igloi in Hungary and then later in the United States afer the 1956 Olympic Games, Tabori is a great believer in the interval method of training.

    He coached Valley Junior College in the 1970s where his team won three state titles and held the national junior record for the 10,000 distance medley and the 4 X 1 mile relay.

    Jacqueline Hansen, winner of the Boston and Western Hemisphere Marathons and Miki Gorman, winner of the New York City and Boston Marathons, were two of his athletes who achieved international recognition during the 1970s.