Twitter Tips for Student Athletes!

    Dec. 1, 2011

    Here are Twitter tips Nos. 46-50 from the "50 Twitter Tips For Student Athletes" document that has been making the rounds among the nation's collegiate athletic departments. Check with Sports Info for more details!

    Take a moment to read this week's tips.

    46) Your athletic compliance office is monitoring your Twitter account. And the NCAA has acknowledged that it monitors student-athlete activity on Twitter as well. Even if you don't compete in a major conference or a revenue sport, don't be fooled into believing nobody is paying attention.

    47) Share Twitpics when your team takes part in community outreach projects. But it's important to remember that all students entering ninth grade and older are considered prospective student-athletes (PSAs), and should not appear in any Twitpic (for men's basketball, PSAs are all students entering seventh grade and older).

    48) It's ok to Tweet once about what a great dinner you had at Red Lobster. But multiple mentions of the same business could be considered an endorsement, which is impermissible according to NCAA legislation.

    49) Twitter can be a tattle-tale. For instance, you told your coach you missed a team meeting because your phone's battery was dead and you didn't get the call/text about the meeting. But if your Twitter timeline shows a Tweet from a mobile app during that time, you're busted.

    50) Don't let these rules prevent you from enjoying your Twitter experience. It's perfectly acceptable to show your personality and have fun on Twitter--it's encouraged. But like anything else, the key is to enjoy it responsibly.