NCAA Career in Sports Forum!

    Dec. 1, 2011

    Interested in a career in coaching or athletic administration? Apply for the NCAA Career in Sports Forum!

    June 7-10 in Indianapolis, all expenses paid!

    For more information please contact Whitney Rotrock, or 213.740.5098.

    NCAA Career in Sports Forum

    The NCAA National Career in Sports Forum is an educational forum where selected student-athletes will learn and explore careers in sports, sports law and sports entertainment with a primary focus on intercollegiate athletics. By achieving the following objectives, the forum is effectively marketing careers in coaching, administration, officiating, sports law and sports entertainment as viable professions. Additionally, the forum is working to dispel myths about careers in athletics, as well as, facilitate the opportunity to obtain information from future athletics professionals.

    Program Objectives:

    • Participants will consider how their personal values intersect with career opportunities.
    • Participants will better understand how behavioral styles impact individual effectiveness.
    • Participants will develop actionable plans for personal growth and development.
    • Participants will learn a realistic view of the roles of coach or administrator in collegiate athletics or conference offices, as well as, within sports law and the sports entertainment industry.
    • Participants will examine the viability of selecting coaching, athletics administration, sports law, sports media and entertainment, and/or officiating as a full-time or part-time career.
    • Participants will network with key decision makers from member institutions, sports law, sports media and entertainment, and the NCAA.

    Upcoming Forums



    The 2012 NCAA Career in Sports Forum (Forum) will take June 7-10, 2012, at the Downtown Marriott in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    The coaching track will be conducted in a rotation of NCAA sponsored sports, with the 2012 Forum open to student-athletes (SA) who have interest in coaching the sports of: basketball, bowling, cross country/track and field, football, lacrosse, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis and volleyball.

    The administrator track will cover the internal and external operations of an intercollegiate athletics department, which includes, but not limited to: academics, communications, compliance, development, event management, marketing, etc.

    The bylaws for NCAA Division I and Division II require the following stipulations for nominating student-athletes for the coaching track of the Forum. The SA needs to have completed his/her third year (sixth semester or ninth quarter) of collegiate enrollment to be eligible to attend the program, but does not need to be enrolled in his/her fourth year in order to be eligible to participate. This means that the SA would be required to have completed his/her final examinations in order to attend (or whatever other measure the SA's institution uses to determine completion of a term of enrollment for a specific term). A SA's eligibility for the program would not have to be based on the conclusion of the term at the institutional level (e.g., commencement ceremony) but rather the conclusion of the term for the individual SA.

    Division III and the administrator track have no requirements.

    A selection committee will review and score each completed application. Based on each student-athlete's average score, score comparisons will be conducted by track (e.g. administration, sport-specific coaching, etc.), where the top scoring applicants in their selected track will be chosen as 2012 Forum participants. In the event a selected participant declines their Forum invitation, the NCAA will notify on a rolling basis an alternate student-athlete and their administrator, based on the next highest ranking average score.